AI Should Ask To Surrender, Have Multiple Personalities

one thing that really irritated me about the AI was it surrendering without asking during the beta. it should follow aoe3s example of only surrendering when the player agrees to it.

the lack of AI personalities was also disappointing, but it was a beta and I hope to see them at launch.


I agree that AI shouldn’t be able to quite a game just because they want to. Having a pop-up telling them they can’t would be great. Couple that with a creative AI verbal retort in chat could be neat:

  • “Henry V - You have my word, sire, that I will not resign.”
  • “Richard II - I would never resign against the likes of you! Have at thee, coward!”
  • “Harold Godwinson - My civilization shall not resign. Not as long as my name rules these lands!”

I would want AoE4’s default to be AIs that don’t resign. However, maybe allow them to resign via a 105 chat (for all AI at once), or a targeted 105 chat: “105 - 3” for player 3. “105 - 2” for player 2. Conversely, 104 chats to let them resign. “104” for all AI, or “104 - 4” to let just player 4 resign.

And in regard to your topic name, having different AI personalities would be awesome, too, which I’ve suggested before and I’m sure several others. Some as defensive-minded, some offense-minded, early aggressors, turtlers, hide-and-seekers, random builders, organized city builders, etc.