AI Shouldn't resign

In campaign mode, in some scenarios AI shouldn’t resign.

Take the second scenario of the Greek campaign: you have to capture some ruins and build some towers. But you have to pass trough the enemy base, so you have to strike a serious blow to accomplish the objectives. But if the AI resigns, the whole scenario loses the purpose and becomes another deathmatch.

So my proposal is that, in the scenarios that you have some kind of objective more than defeat X enemy, AI should be programmed to never resign. Elimination victory should be allowed, of course, if for some reason the player is unable to accomplish the goals (in the same scenario of before, for example, you run out of stone for building the towers, so you can still win by killing every unit and building)


Same thing in custom games. AoE II had a cheat where you could type “100” in the chat and it would disable AI resigning. I wish DE had the same feature too.

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There is nothing wrong with AI retiring. But it was possible in campaigns to make sure that the mission did not end after the surrender of the enemy (as in the campaign “Rise of Egypt” from the mission “Discovery”, where if the enemy is defeated, but the goals are not achieved, the game does not end)

This would be really cool if implemented. Right now, the scenario is won if every other players resign (apparently).

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Agreed. Most scenarios are trivial if the AI just resigns. I suggest the AI get more starting troops in the non-fixed force scenarios too, as they aren’t enough of a threat to keep up the pace of unit production after their initial forces are depleted. It makes me wonder what the AI is doing.

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This is also discussed on Steam. People talk about a requested feature that would be optional, to allow/disallow the AI to resign: