AI still in really rough shape

AI is useless in treaties whether they’re on your team or enemies. During classic game mode, they still are useless, especially your teammates. They barely do anything and hardly help with attacking.

I find that the AI are way better than the original in supremacy. Their mix of unit are really good (no more merc+canon only army). Late game, they are able to mass produce units and I find quite challenging to play against two extreme AI.

They could always be improved obviously, but I find the AI is going to the right direction. I don’t think they are designed to play treaty though, that’s why you find it to be “useless”

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Agreed but there isn’t any consistency. One game the AI does what it should do and other games they’re useless.

The AI still constantly retreats for no reason. I think that’s what makes it (somewhat) appear as though they’re less supportive in forward assaults. It’s really quite annoying because it feels like you’re the only player actually actively doing all the work, thinning out enemy bases.

If an AI sends an army, they should commit the entire army so as to deal maximum damage. Otherwise they constantly scratch the surface not dealing any real damage, which results in the game not progressing.

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They retreat constantly and stop fighting the longer the match goes on. I was an hour and a half into the match and all 3 of my AI teammates stopped attacking. They would acknowledge my attack command but still nothing. They all 3 had large enough armies to attack but just sat there literally the rest of the game while I had to take out all of the AI enemies myself. This was a standard, no treaty match too.


There’s definitely a consistency issue. Overall, their aggressive behaviour varies each game, and as mentioned above, they often attack less frequently or stop attacking at certain points of the game. Their annoying tendency to retreat just compounds the problem.

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I switched over to AoE2DE and the AI is so much better, still has issues but it’s night and day difference compared to AoE3DE. I’ve stopped playing and have only been playing 2 because of the crap AI and all of the gamebreaking bugs for multiplayer, just not worth putting in the time right now until they fix a lot of things.

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