AI stops gathering resources in the middle of the game. re-gathers after game is paused/unpaused

Game Version: 101.101.33315.0

  • Build (4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)

Issue: During multiplayer with AI, all AI stopped gathering and attacking (both allied AI and enemy AI) enemy AI would build units and defend when attacked but would not re-build buildings, or move villagers. game was paused for screenshots, when un-paused AI returned to normal.

Reproduction Steps:

this error occurred only once, I don’t know if its easily repeatable

  1. map was 1 human playing the Indians 5 AI random civ random team Blind random map
  2. map selected was Valley, game play was at first normal.
  3. after reaching imperial age and I tribute 500 wood to each of my allies, and took out the Britons home town center at about the same time. after this the game play became unusual (enemy AI stopped counter attacking only building units under attack, ally AI stopped building units, all AI stopped gathering resources)
  4. after I realized what was going on, I paused game and took a few screen shots
  5. when I un-paused the game all AI returned to normal


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That’s interesting. I had some standard setting single player games when AOE2:DE first came out where all the AI’s would just stop doing anything (before max pop). I never tried pausing and unpausing to fix that.

Haven’t had that problem this patch yet I think. I’ll see if I can reproduce.