Can the ai be reverted to the way it was, its way too easy playing vs extreme ai plz fix


We need the AI ​​for Nightmare Difficulty


Give it a handicap of 100% and try again


Ima give it a try thanks

Now the AI ​​is really not aggressive. Every time it hits halfway, it will run away, and then be slaughtered by the player unilaterally. Please cancel this boring logic.


I tried you are my hero the game is fun again :100::100::100:

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La ia en las campañas debe de ser más dificil mucho más dificil

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What needs to be changed? Just the retreat logic and attack frequency?

yes . using the handicap feature is great but i have to be so aggressive because the computer out booms me . i need the AI to play better make better decisions, not waste sooo much vill seconds.Even without handicap, on normal extreme mode the AI should still put up a good fight.
This is what i had in mind say the hard ai played like at 1200 elo
hardest at 1600 and then maybe extreme plays like a pro that would make the game awesome.

the Ai use to be strong they broke it.

Could the A.I. ​​be programmed to build fordward bases? I remember that the A.I. just build close to the original base.


They do build forwards, just not in the early game

edit: early DE they used to build forwards all the time with hyper agression, then they toned that back

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Can confirm. I just modded them to build a wall around their forward base. I forget what the conditions are to build forward though, and if they need a fort or not.

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I remember them building forts right outside my base.

actually one thing I would like to see the AI able to do is FI, which I dont think I have seen yet

most shipment heavy strats are kinda hard for the AI to do though I can understand why

An AI Rework is much needed!

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