AI units on Extreme don't attack ships unless they are Siege Workshop units or Monks

AoE 2 DE 34699

  • Platform Steam

Issue: AIs even on extreme do not attack Ships with non Workshop or Monk units.

Even when ships are in melee range of melee units (directly on top of each other and they are attacked they won’t strike back. Ranged Units don’t attack them either.
It’s rarely beneficial to attack Warships with normal land units, but in case they are getting attacked, can strike back and aren’t trying to retreat they should fight back.
Haven’t tested it yet on areas where ships and land units can both travel on, talking about shorelines or directly on water.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create Warship.
  2. Get near enemy land units from not Workshop/Monastery
  3. Units won’t attack the ship under no circumstance
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