AI Upgrade - Treaty deck, less arty heavy comp and weird behaviors

As a treaty players, and playing coop treaty with friends, the Extreme AI could be improved in 2 ways.

1- As now AI prioritize team cards while playing in team, they should prioritize long term cards (units upgrades espacially, as eco can be boosted up by handicap indirectly) instead of crates and units cards.

2- AI production behavior : espacially with handicap, too prone to mass too much artillery, some AI Civ espacially (USA, Sweden, Chinese with hand mortar), and mortar in particular now that they can fire units (poorly).
Not that they shouldn’t use them, but not by pack of 10 mortars, 20 fire arrows…it eat too much pop spaces and they should prioritize more the skirmishers for heavy infantry and hand cavalery for skirmishers…or reducing the numbers of artillery they produce.
In those regards civ with no artillery are much nicer to fight and more consistent.

3- AI general behavior : There can be insconsistent based on maps and civilizations. Some are very defensive and camp at there base (=> Large Arabia 2v4AI, they all camped ?).
Big maps sounds detrimental for them : They try to build some military building with 1 settler in front of our base without trying to build outpost between with their army. They are passive until they spot defensive building near to them (Outpost, Fort) where they become crazy and go in.
It can be hard to balance for making maps : sometime 2v4 will be piece of cake because of their passiveness (at least 1 so it’s almost a 2v3), sometimes their are very aggressive and it’s an hard time to face them.

Am I the only one to face those trouble ? What to you think about that ? :slight_smile:


We haven’t seen any serious changes to the AI in quite some time, if you want to see these implemented you might have better luck playing some of the AI mods and talking to their creators. I say “might” because treaty is extremely time-intensive to test.