AIs are not utilizing lots of civ specific mechanics

When playing against hardest AI, I found that they don’t seem to utilize lots of the civ specific mechanics:
They build farms around the TC when playing the English.
They don’t build hunting cabins around forests as Rus. (I suspect they also don’t use the tickets of the Golden Gate).
They don’t build production buildings around the Spirit Way and don’t build the Imperial Palace in a forward position as Chinese.
They don’t go for the sacred sites if the sacred victory is unchecked even when playing Delhi.
They don’t build stables and archery ranges around the keeps when playing French.

I think AIs should be made to better utilize the civ specific mechanics since some of these shouldn’t be too hard to program.


I was about to prepare a similar post. Thanks. Also as Rus, the scouts are not killing stuff to gain the hunting bonus.

It is worth noting to the esteemed developers of this game that the Hardest AI is pretty darn easy, so it would be very nice if you guys could make some time to address it for us that enjoy messing with it. Right now I have beaten 2 of everything except Dheli. Dheli hardest AI makes A LOT of units. I still haven’t figured out how to beat 2 of those. Possible for sure, as I have come close and I’m just about average. No prodigy or anything here, just a regular Joe.

So please, make the AI’s utilize more of the unique mechanics, and please avoid programming cheats, like resource giving and such. Thanks!

Don’t you mean a regular Jose? :smile:

We’re definitely working on AI fixes, including how to improve AI gameplay to become more challenging.

Thank you @Liopleus and @webJose!