Alaric campaing achievement

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rome was destroyed in one day achievement doesn’t work. i finished it under 30 mins several times but it didn’t work for me

ok… first of all: you are using the template for bug reports a little bit wrong.
Second to mention: have you made sure to view the in game timer? normal gamespeed is 1.7 times. So you only have sonething like 30/1.7 minutes in real life time, or 30 mins in slow gamespeed. You can toggle the in game timer to make sure if you are below 30 mins (in game time)


I actually got that achievement the first day the DLC was released, so it should work on the current patch. Make sure you are basing your run on the ingame timer like finalbucket mentioned.

Only achievements bugged on this current patch as far as I’m aware are Turkish Delight (Bapheus), Smoke on the Water (Poyang), and Chasing the Crown (Bayinnaung 1)