All Army shortcut selecting all moving buildings as Mongol

Someone already reported this, ence why i didnt in the past. Since its not yet as a know bug nor it was fixed in the last patch iam reporting here again.

Basically if you press the All Army key it will bring all packed Mongol buildings with the army and it is SUPER annoying because you will usually press this when you are in a hurry + you have to rearrange all the buildings. My poor Steppe Redoubt its never in the new gold and always in the middle of the battle.

Edit: i found the topic, Mongols remove packed buildings from army selection and even a Dev responded to it a month ago btw, but its not as a know bug.

Edit 2: someone said that fishing boats from Delhi algo gets selected on the all army, you guys might want to take a look at it!


Thank you @dutrao. Not everything we “know” makes it into the known bugs list. It’s complicated. But we are aware and working on it. Appreciate the report!