All civilization should get defenses

So, civilizations get to build palisade walls. But palisade walls can’t defend against pikemen with torches. Pikemen with torches can be built in the starting age.

Either torches need to be a feudal technology with a gold cost (like 300 gold) or else, all civs need to have the ability to make outposts with arrows from the start, no age up required.

Its absolutely disgusting how much the idea of “ooooh but the harrassment strategy should be the be all end all” is hyped. Cavalry are the only defensive unit that can possibly be everywhere at once. However, they are also the unit that is hard countered by the FIRST PRODUCIBLE UNIT. Spearmen. So, the name of the game is, rush spearmen, beat your opponent up, prevent them from aging up, dont age up yourself, keep being a bully, murder them, never experience 90% of the game, and once you win, ■■■■ on their grave and dance and say it was a good game.

No. It is NOT a good game when neither side does not build or research over 90% of their tech. When spearmen are the only unit ever built, its not a good game. Its a really bad game.

Spearmen really aren’t that strong lol.

I can understand the frustration in getting rushed and losing a game but tbh this isn’t how most games go.

The towncenter, towers, and even your own spearmen should be just fine to help defend yourself.
Of course we would have to look into the games individually to tell you what went wrong. But on the whole, “spearman rush” doesn’t seem like a common or even strong tactic currently.

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Fairly sure all civs can build outposts? (even mongols)… which when garrisoned with any unit will shoot arrows? Does this not hard counter all dark age aggression?

Even playing as Mongols and doing early horseman rushes I still need to get to Feudal to tech into rams to finish people off - the defenses outposts/TC are just too strong.

Hell English villagers are basically archers.


Static wall defenses are a trap in this game. When you hit age two you should quickly start unit production. In the words of spirit of the law “Siege Onagers are my walls”

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