All decks, town improvements and else lost after switching from "beta" to "main" version: does this happen every time?

I’ve tried opting into beta some weeks ago and today I’ve lost all town improvements, XP and (most painfully) custom civilization decks.

Will the decks return if another beta becomes available? And, if I opt for beta again, will I lose decks and customisations from the “main” game?

The pup is a different branch, and therfore a new user folder will be created, to prevent game breaking bugs, when switching between main and pup.
When the next PuP comes, you get back the stuff you did on the last one.


Ah great, thank you.

Main game also will remain as is after opting in and coming back, right?


yes just think about it as 2 seperate games

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Yes, I got them all back too. Treat them as two separate games.

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