All exclusive Cheat Codes for AoE 2 Definitive Edition

How many new cheat codes are in Aoe2 Definitive Edition? I know:

  1. Catzor - You get a Sharkatzor unit
  2. PHOTON MAN - You get the Photon Man from Aoe1
    (To get the Photon Man cheat you need to unlock the 21st century archievement.)

Are there any other new cheat codes or only “Catzor” and PHOTON MAN?
I’m asking this because almost every cheat site show old Aoe 2 cheats and no exclusive cheats from the remaster.

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I didn’t know about Catzor; only knew about Photon Man. So, if there are two, that is one more than I knew about, so thank you! :slight_smile: If there are more than these two, then I would be curious to know, as well.

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First I also thought there are no new cheats, but I found Spirit of the Laws video about the Sharkatzor and short time later the 21st century archievement + Photon Man cheat.
On Age of Empires 2 Wiki I also found both cheats and no other, so apparently these are all new cheats.
But I don’t know, maybe there is a third secret cheat nobody knows. :slight_smile:

Cysion’s wife? :bulb: