"All military units" hotkey need FIX

“All military units” hotkey must not select scouts and monks, this is the reason why this button is not only useless, but it can also harm you. Because when you want to collect all the troops that are available you either have to search the list of all scouts + monks and delete them from list (What wastes your time and attention alot) or do you forget about it or do not have time and in the end you lose all your scouts and monks in battle or disrupt them from their main task (scout and carry relics)
I hate this so much, I can’t imagine how inconvenient it is for HRE or the Delhi Sultanate with their scientists! :rage:


That hotkey should not be used in any RTS. It is much better to use control groups for controlling your armies. How can you deal with being raided while attacking the enemy if you try to control your entire army using one hotkey?

Better to unbind the Select whole Army key and develop habits that works in every RTS (using control groups for armies).

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It is quit handy to gather all your troops spread through your base after you have been raided by cavalery, and your whole army is spread out.

Another thing i would love to see, …

Getting ports disconnected from the F1 key, (all military buildings)

I am used to drag the spawn point with me in battle, and my ships always end up over the whole coast line because of this.


You are absolutely right. I’m also annoyed with this. The “All military units” hotkey should not select scouts and monks. Please developers exclude those from the shortcut.

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I add the mongols buildings too. Anyway with the new controls patch will be better at least but no perfect.