All model bugs (latest supplement)

From the beta version until now, I once again request the production team to pay attention to model related bugs.

Recently, I saw news about the new DLC, which is very good, but the confusion of weapon models has not been improved. Several Muslim factions are still heavily using European LANCE, and even the upcoming release of Japan has similar issues. Therefore, as a player who deeply loves this game and hopes that it will become better in any aspect, I once again urge the production team to pay attention to model related bugs.

I hope this game doesn’t overly emphasize “esports” anymore. Please make each civilization highlight its own characteristics in terms of weapons.

The following are the model bugs I have collected:

About infantry:

BUG report:

  1. The weapon models of the Chinese, Mongolian, and French Era3/4 lancers were called incorrectly. They should have used the weapon models of their respective civilizations (i.e., Chinese Halbert, Mongolian style lances, and Swiss style Axes Halbert), but they incorrectly used the general English Billhook model, and the correct model only appeared briefly when the lancers were charging.
  2. Sometimes the samurai’s shield model will be overturned and misplaced.

Additional improvement suggestions:

  1. According to the loading diagram of the RUS campaign, there seems to be a Gothic Halbert in the game. I think this model can be used by the ERA3/4 spearmen of HRE and RUS.
  2. It has a logic with East Asia’s Chinese and Mongolia: ABS and Delhi Sultanate’s Era3/4 lance soldiers should not use the common English hook and sickle spear model (the Ottoman lance soldiers have no such problem because they are close to Europe and have used Billhook in history). Therefore, it is recommended that ABS and Delhi Sultanate’s Era3/4 lance soldiers make Muslim style spears/Halberds separately.
    3.All spear soldiers in Muslim countries are mistakenly using European style Billhooks. Please make exclusive infantry spears for them.

About remote units:

BUG report:

  1. The bow model of Chinese step archers is called incorrectly in Era2 and Era4. In other words, the weapon model of Chinese step archers has not changed with the evolution of Era2, and the appearance of Era3 has always remained unchanged. The correct upgrading rules of their bow models should refer to Mongolian step archers/Mangudai/Camel Archer, that is, the appearance of three different East Asian style composite bows: from simple to gorgeous.
  2. After upgrading the “incremental arrows” technology, the ABS archers who have upgraded the “composite bow” technology will return to the original short bow. In addition, the visual effect of flame arrows brought by the “incremental arrows” technology will sometimes disappear.
  3. When the Mongolian crossbow was upgraded to Era4, the weapon model did not change in appearance, and it should have changed from a wooden crossbow to a steel crossbow.
  4. Except for Mongolia, after upgrading the “incremental arrows” technology, the steel crossbow model of other civilizations will become a wooden crossbow (the Ottoman crossbow remains unchanged), and the correct appearance upgrade rule should be to become a gold crossbow (only the Mongolian crossbow has been upgraded correctly)(And the crossbow of Tower Elephant!).
  5. The bowman type unit sometimes has an appearance bug that the bowstring is always pulling.
  6. There are three types of loading animation for crossbow, and two types of animation that can fully interact with weapon models in battle, but the conventional mode only has a very simple first string animation. It is recommended that all three types of animation should be used randomly to create a very good visual effect of the battlefield.

7.The RUS handguner weapon models are misplaced. They mistakenly hold two types of weapons at the same time, and the weapon models overlap. The correct model appearance should be: carrying a musket when using AXE, and carrying AXE when using a musket.

Additional improvement suggestions:

1.The appearance of the Chinese crossbow and the Repeating crossbow should not be the same. They are two units with different functions, but it is difficult to distinguish them. In fact, the Repeating crossbow should share a set of models with the Chinese archer, or make other models.

  1. It is recommended to replace Camel Archer with a bow model with a more Central Asian style (the current model style is too East Asian). For example, the “composite bow” of the Ottoman step bow and the ABS step bow is a good choice.
  2. At present, the crossbow in the game is only a European mechanical crossbow. Although this crossbow is also used in Muslim areas, it should never appear in the Chinese and Mongolian armies. Therefore, it is recommended to make an East Asian crossbow model for Chinese and Mongolia.

About cavalry:

BUG report:

  1. People on horseback sometimes misplace with the horse, as if they slipped close to the neck of the horse.
  2. There is a problem with the upgrading rules of the Mongolian Horseman shield: male Horseman uses the correct Horseman shield, but female Horseman does use the gold shield of the Mongolian knight/warrior, and should be unified in style.
  3. The Lancer of a RUS knight is a knight unit with a third level upgrade. It should have three Lancer appearances (light Lancer – wooden Lancer – iron Lancer), just like the French knight, instead of the strange upgrade logic.
    4.The Ottoman knights mistakenly used the Indian style Kanda sword, and they should have used weapons from the Ottoman homeland.

Additional improvement suggestions:

  1. It is suggested that Horseman’s weapons should be changed from spears to short weapons (sword shields). After all, such units cannot launch charges. It is strange that they still use spears when approaching the enemy, and the weapon configuration of sword shields is more consistent with Horseman’s positioning as a “light cavalry”.
  2. Fire Lancer, as a surprise unit, should not have a shield due to the lack of defense, that is, fire Lancer of Era4 and Era3 should not use a shield.
  3. All the knights of the Muslim camp are mistakenly using European LANCE. Please create an exclusive LANCE for them, except for the Ottoman civilization that has had long-term contact with Europe. However, their secondary weapon mistakenly uses the Indian Kandahar sword. Similarly, Ottoman scouts also have a similar problem, using Indian style machetes.
  4. Mongolian knights are the only heavy cavalry in the game who have not changed their weapon models with the upgrade, but in fact, there is a relatively low-level Lancer model for Mongolian knights, namely, a “yellow handle tassel decorated spear” model(Please note that it is different from the original weapon of the Chinese spearmen.) used by Mongolian knights in camp aign. It is recommended that Mongolian knights in Era3 use this model, while Mongolia in Era4 continue to use the current Chinese halberd to further make grade differentiation, After all, the appearance of Mongolian knights in the current version of Era3 and Era4 is too close.I suggest replacing Era3 with the Mongolian knight model of Era2. Just change the helmet color. The overall appearance of people and horses are very different.Of course, it would be even better if we could create a complete set of real era4 models for Mongolia.

Texture error: The palace guard helmet has no color, and the firelance body appears to have no color.

About buildings:

The stone wall tower models of 8 civs (except Ross and Mongolia) do not correctly display the appearance of springald, but incorrectly display the appearance of the default archery slot / fire gun slot (don’t forget the build and destroy action).After all, it is strange for Central Asian and East Asian civilizations to use cross shaped shooting holes.

PS:Please add the Central Asian style city wall model for the Sultanate of Osman, ABS and Delhi.

Some additional model recommendations:

  1. It is suggested that the editor should open more permission to modify the unit model. At present, as players, we can only replace the weapon model, but the action of using weapons, the unit’s shield, quiver, mount, helmet,and the people on the mount cannot be modified. At the same time, some special models in the campaign cannot be found in the editor, such as the Mongolian knight’s “yellow handle tassel decorated spear”.
  2. If possible, please make the model appearance of Era4 for all Mongolian units. As we all know, the early design of Mongolia cannot be upgraded to Era4 (gold helmet), so their models only stay in Era3 (iron helmet), which also causes the problem that the upgrading of Mongolian units is not obvious.
  3. If possible, please modify the model map of the Chinese military unit, especially the iron armor of Era3 that has been dyed with the player’s color. It looks too funny, ridiculous, and ugly. Too many color patches are a visual torture. Therefore, please restore their original silver metal map (Brigadine/Coat of Plates do not need to be modified).

More intuitive picture explanation:

Special spear/halberd appearing in the RUS campaign loading map:

Spear model not correctly called (1)

FS4 (1)
4 (2)

The appearance of Mongolian crossbow remains unchanged (1)
Only the gold crossbow correctly upgraded by Mongolia
Normal crossbow upgrade rules
CC (1)
The appearance of Mongolian crossbow remains unchanged (1)
The appearance of Mongolian crossbow remains unchanged (2)

Rules for upgrading archers (1)
MN (1)
MN (2)
Rules for upgrading archers (1)
CN (1)
Rules for upgrading archers (2)
Rules for upgrading archers (3)

Special spear model of campaign
The upgrading of Mongolian knights is not obvious

Misalignment of cavalry model
Misalignment of cavalry model

RUS handguner:

Stone wall tower (1)

Stone wall tower (1)

I sincerely hope to see changes in the upcoming formal version! Thank you!

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The incorrect spears thing blows my mind, it is something I could fix in 5 minutes so there is no excuse.

@SavageEmpire566 has not been seen in a couple of months, so I am worried about what will happen to bug reports like this.

I hope all these issues can be resolved with the new DLC!

It is obvious that although we have been providing feedback on the weapon issues of the Long Spear soldiers since the internal testing period, the production team has never taken our ideas seriously. They still stubbornly use abrupt billhooks for Long Spear soldiers around the world, which is very “AOE2” and very outdated.

If it is really for the sake of “esports” that we need to take care of players with poor eyesight and unclear units, why don’t you add a setting option to meet different types of players?

For example, for players who do not care about restoring history and only want to efficiently perform PVP, they can choose to use a weapon with all units of the same type.

For other camp enthusiasts or PVE players who pursue a sense of historical immersion, they can choose to use their own CIV style weapons for all units.

Even if you feel that this is a significant workload and do not want to add such a setting, and it is necessary for all spearmen to use one weapon, you can still have them use a universal spear with no obvious regional style, so at least it does not look very contradictory.

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