All Pro Player Bug clips

MBL Enemy Scouts Passing through walls:

Daut’s BBC getting killed by scorp shot that didnt touch it:

Hera’s Horsie goes through Trees:

Hera’s scout runs away from big scary monka:


Its Bc not bbc. Bombard is one word

It’s always been BBC in AoE2 jargon. Just like bombard towers are BBT.


I’m talking from a grammatical standpoint. Idc about jargon

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And we others are trying to make sure Microsoft notices all these bugs and fixes them. Find a different group of people to fight for you grammatical correctness thank you very much


I encountered the “walking through walls” today as well. In my case it were knights on BF, going through a diagonal wall placed on an elevation. Enormously frustrating.


There are important upcoming tournaments and this patch will be a huge issue because of the bugs. Something must be done asap, either fix it or going back to the previous update.

Regarding the civ balance, everything looks fine but the Khmer buff. Now their farmers are even better than slav ones and Khmer looks broken.


This makes any competitive situation (showmatches, ranked matches, tournaments) not competitive at all, this bug in particular adds way too much randomness into the game for it to be competitive… It’s truly game breaking.


They are still pretty crap everywhere else though

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THIS. Is. So. True. And. So CRUCIAL!


And we don’t care about grammatics. It’s always been BBC and BBT. Welcome to Aoe2 :slight_smile:

Ont: I have had a lot of patience with DE but this is absolutely game breaking. Seriously thinking about going back to Voobly.


I’ve never ever EVER seen it said as ‘BBC’ or ‘BBT’ before this thread. And wtf is grammatics

I am no native speaker of english. With grammatics I obviously referred to grammar.
Sorry, these things happen when you try to speak another language thsn the one you were born with.

Regarding BBC and BBT. I’m Sorry, but I gotta ask. How long have you been active in the game and community. You see it being used everywhere, forums, streams, in game etc etc

10 years at least, maybe more. I’ve played thousands of hours of aoe2 and tens of thousands of aoe3

Ok, well. Then there are probably a lot of other words and abbreviations you don’t know. Please consider reading this:

when you play a thousand hours of high level team games… you will know abbreviations are super useful when they are not confusing… we use BC for because and BBC for bombard cannons… whether you care or not, some things stick because they make sense for the community. Maybe get to a higher level and revolutionize the naming conventions so the community follows your wise words.

I prefer to call them ‘cannon’ as they are the only cannon unit in the game. I am very good at the game btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll be sure to remember when we match up for a teamgame. And fyi, Hand Cannoneers and Cannon Galleons exist in the game. Good day to you sir!

i would say cannoneer and cannon galleon. We can have a match if you want, you’ve seen me on discord :stuck_out_tongue: