All this backing out in match making

Literally 10 times i matched up and someone backed out (alt-f4, ctrl-w whatever). what happened to having to wait longer to get into the next matchmaking? Took 25 minutes to find a game. That’s rediculous.


You meant something like this thread? I see this kind of thread multiple times each week. This shows how badly the situation is.

Adding a time penalty for quitters seems to me the best solution to tackle the issue.

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I know. I mean the people who make the game could AT LEAST make people ban up to 3 maps just like in 1v1s. doesn’t make any sense.

Part of the problem is people who refuse to play unless they are pocket in team games. They need to make positions random like in quickplay

People honestly need to just talk more… like if you are going to play in team games, why jump into it solo… not addressing this to you personally, but I think part of the solution would be to encourage players to form teams. I think some people who often want to go pocket is because when they are flank the pocket doesn’t coordinate with them, so they get 2v1’d and taken out of games fast.

That’s actually not a bad idea. I would prefer to have some extra time to pick a civ and coordinate a strategy. Currently the 1 minute feels rushed, and by the time you pick something the game drops.

Still would like if more than one person wants to play pocket it doesn’t just go to whoever picked it first. But then you get the same alt+f4 result from the person who wanted to be pocket or from someone else that doesn’t want to get left out to dry by a more than likely selfish player.

i dont think I ever saw this. Map pick and ELO difference / skill between teammates seem like a much more common, at least to me.