All Town Centers should be landmarks

I like the ide of having land mark victories since it prevents players building houses everywhere just to prolong an already lost game.

But landmark victories also makes it impossible to win if you lose your man base, even if you have another base up and running.

So I suggest that all finished Town Centers (in addition to the the usual landmarks) should also be classified as landmarks.

This will make comebacks easier (especially in team games) and solve the problem with Abbasid having only two landmarks making it easy to lose a game that you were actually winning.


nice idea. I thinkl it’s a good way to balance.

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Should’ve been like this since the start.

Considering the amount of resources players can amass in the late game, specially when their production facilites get bombarded, people could just spam TCs everywhere.

I think it’s easier that, in team games, Landmark victories are removed, being sacred sites and wonder victories the only ones available (and conquest, too). While in 1v1s is nice to have landmark victories, I understand that in team games, with or without Fire Lancers, it still sucks to have 3 players suddenly landmark snipe you.

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I think a much better attempt of balancing this is by capping the requirement for destroyed landmarks to 4. This decreases the huge discrepancy between Chinese having a lot more potential landmarks than other factions.

Afterwards there can be a direct adjustment for how Abbasid’s landmarks are treated in order to make them less vulnerable by only having access to 2 landmarks.

wonders are not fun in team games.
on water maps or black forest, everyone just rushes to get it first and then turtle.

Although maybe if the wonder victory timer is increased to 20 or even 25 minutes. that way the other team actually has time to try an assault

Well, Black Forest in kind of about that, right? Boom, build defenses and throw units into the meat grinder. It’s the map characteristic, in the end.

And well, I would disagree on the fun department about wonders. I feel they are risky to build (12k resources spent), they give no other benefit, but can still be used to make someone surrender, specially if my team is pressuring but can’t break the enemy turtle, we could build a wonder and force them to come out. If they build a counter wonder it means that they also have less resources to work against our assault. There’s dinamics there, which in the chaos of a late game situation, actually adds some thrilling experiences and a sense of purpose and objective to the game.

For example, I like AoE 2, but I don’t play Black Forest TGs there. Either someone gets absolutely stomped or the game extends for sooooooo long that it’s not fun for me. There are people who like it, true, but I don’t. The reason being that those grindy games feel purposeless, with a lack of objective. Wonders solve that, but the standart win condition in AoE 2 is conquest so that’s not an option, in the end.

Ok so ppl should be able to create infinite amount of landmarks???

I’m not sold on the idea to be honest but why not have it as a custom win condition. I think the current system gives good balance between attacking and needing to defend. I find games of equal skill to be very competitive (despite changes that are needed).

The games can already be drawn out for a long time and being able to build 10 TCs plus everywhere would just exacerbate the problem.

That being said the balance of the landmarks and victory condition should be considered in its’ current format (e.g. Landmark sniping has been somewhat recently addressed with FL nerf as in it is on the radar).

For Abbasid,I think it might be good for the first build monastery and university as the third and fourth landmarks
If landmarks can be built infinitely, it loses the meaning of winning landmarks: speeding up the process of winning the game
For game balance, each civilization should have the same number of landmarks as the Chinese civilization

I agree with this one. Town Center should be considered landmark, but maybe provide an upgrade to it that will cost 1000 of each resources… :smiley: Which will also increase the town Center’s HP as the regular Landmark’s HP.

The game is already annoyingly like wack-a-mole with landmarks in team games since the defender can easily reset the victory condition counter with a repair. Making all town centers landmarks would prolong the game unnecessarily.

For other civilizations yes, but for abbasid I think it’s a good idea. We can set that every era can get one and only one cheap TC can be built to make up for abbasid landmarks