Allied trade carts won't stop trying to travel to enemy territory despite no allied markets there

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  • GAME BUILD #: 10725973
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Most of my allies kept trying to send their trade carts right over to my flank enemy’s front line despite there being no market on the enemy side nor any path to my market from their side. I cut a path right to the corner of the path through the forest and placed markets there to generate more gold, but only one ally actually seemed to use those markets and some of their trade carts still tried to cross enemy lines.

The end result was an unplayable game because my bot teammates predictably had chronic gold shortages because they kept sending their trade carts right into enemy forces.

I previously submitted a bug report about allies trading with enemy markets during treaty periods and how they wouldn’t re-path around obstructions/walls and instead just clogged up against walls, but this is something different. I don’t quite understand why the bots weren’t sending trade carts to my markets and instead into the enemy. It seems like they might have still been trying to trade with enemy markets even after the treaty ended.

Trade pathing needs serious work in this game. It’s not very fun if you have to constantly quit bot games because they can’t build a trade system and end up getting beat back because they are trying to fight with no gold. Also, the AI script needs to check once in a while whether a bot has a ton of trade carts trapped or idling somewhere, and delete/re-create them if it can’t re-route. As a screenshot below shows, a couple different bots had dozens of trade carts right in a corner against a tree line doing nothing even well after the fight started. Doesn’t make sense.

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  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)

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Unsure of exact steps to reproduce this issue - possibly cut a path deep into the forest for markets.

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Bot trade carts should be sent to my market or other ally markets, not straight into enemy territory to be killed. And allies should not be trading with enemy markets even during treaty periods.

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Instead of following the trade path (see blue path right through the forest on left corner), purple/green and even some yellow kept sending it right to the front line between red/blue.

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