Allow certain "cheats" in ranked games

Well not all cheats are there for cheating, some are for convenience and some are for fun. The cheats I want to see allowed in ranked games are simple:

  1. resign - the player who types it, resigns immediately

  2. wimpywimpywimpy - it is basically a hard resign. Deletes all of the players’ units and buildings.

  3. woof woof - replaces hawks by stormy dogs (cosmetic cheat)

  4. !mute and !nomute - former silences taunts, while the latter undoes it

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The first one is pretty straightforward.

The second one can be used when it is a team game, and one of the player resigns, and so one player from enemy team needs to resign to make it fair.

The 3rd is cosmetic.

The fourth is for in game convenience for the player.

i don’t understand, why does one player from the other team needs to resign because someone resigned? I’ve never seen anyone do that.

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i don’t understand why you need this. if we eliminate one opponent, why should we reward the other team by having one of our own quit?


This is pointless. You can literally just resign, or go round and delete all your stuff.


If the first gets implemented, there will be people who will resign on accident by typing ‘resign’.

No. There is no need for such cheats.

resign… what’s the point? You can simply resign normally.

wimpywimpywimpy ruins the feel of the map. Those dog units are ‘joke’ units. I don’t want silly flying dogs in a normal game.

mute and !nomute… can be done in options.

In theory it could turn a ruined game into a fair one, but I agree I’ve never seen it done. Basically could be used to correct when someone instantly drops and turn a 4v4 into a 3v3. Unfortunately the common outcome is that 1 person drops, then their teammate doesn’t want to play 3v4 and also drops. Then even the ones that wanted to stay and play are in a 2v4 and are typically forced to drop, or quickly defeated. There’s no incentive for the team with 4 players to resign since its an easy win as soon as one opponent drops.

Ahh but then someone else is also punished for something he had nothing to do with :frowning: I’ve never seen that done either. That has actually happened to me, a buddy dropped but no one from the other team resigned lol And we lost, of course!! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ But we weren’t expecting them to resign anyway! :slight_smile:

(btw, how come whenever i click “reply” on a persons post, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t?)

Actually those cheats can be kinda handy because typing resign is faster than opening the menu sometimes. Mute and nomute are definitely faster than going through the options mid match.

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I didn’t mean eliminate. I meant those Alt + F4ers who quit when they don’t get the desired map. I also include those people with poor connections or emergency exits who quit before 10 minutes.

still doesn’t explain why the other side should give up their advantage.

This would be pretty straightforward to do with a mod, with the added bonuses that you wouldn’t have to type anything, and your opponent wouldn’t have to put up with it. cf. the event mod that turns all birds into macaws.

Woof woof might be a distraction for players unaware of it. I don’t think it would do any good. The resign cheats are pointless, and I don’t know what the resign + destroy all would do except sabotaging your own team. As for turning on and off taunts, isn’t there any other way of doing that ?

I guess the safer option is not enabling cheats at all in ranked games, to avoid any possibility of bugs. Imagine that after an update some other cheats get enabled by mistake…