“Allow Cheats” option should be disabled in lobby game

Some bastard secretly enabled this option when players weren’t looking, for example:

I noticed that these two players have won 18 of the last 20 games,and they cheat in almost every game. In 90% of games their cheating goes unnoticed, that’s because they only cheat to obtain resources in the late game (Imp age), Every 10,000 resources cheated only adds 1,000 points, making it easy for enemies and teammates to ignore their actions, their enemy and teammate knew nothing about it and played the game normally from start to finish like a clown. Hilariously, their opponents always call “gg” after cheaters win a game.


All fun and games until Kugel sends 300 Cobra Cars into Circle K’s base

Cheaters deserve to be punished

Why ? Just open your eyes.


You mean 120 people in 20 games played with their eyes closed? Or are you the room rat who secretly turned on “allow cheat”?

Scummy but not something that should be punished imo.

Nor should “Allow cheats” ever be removed as an option. Players should be able to customise their lobby games however they please. If anything I’d love to see more options.


If anything should change, it would be to make it more obvious that the option is enabled. it shouldnt be removd though… people should be able to playwhat they like. If people want to have fun with cheats online, let them have it.


yeah, maybe when clicking ‘I am ready’ there could be a pop up saying ‘cheats are enabled in this lobby, achievements will not progress, are you sure you want to proceed’ or something like that