Allow Mayan monks to convert stables


As you know, American civs have no access to cavalry, unless they convert a stable allowing them to make xolotl warriors, which look equivalent to a knight until you realise they have access to no cav technology nor upgrades, making them fall far behind any regular knight. However this is only true for the Aztecs and Incas, as the Mayans lack the technology redemption, which allows converting buildings and siege units. Thus having no access to xolotl.

I’m not asking for them to get this tech, it can be very powerful so giving them that might cause some balance issues. But does it mean Mayans should be cursed by lacking the extremely situational unit that is the xolotl ? Deep down, you know it’s not fair.

So here is my proposition : give them a stealthy (not written in the tech tree) bonus, allowing them to convert stables without requiring that tech. Only stables, not other buildings or siege.

So what do you think ? Should Mayans be able of converting stables ?

  • Give them the full redemption tech
  • Only allow them to convert stables
  • No xolotl for the Mayans !

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Why not put it behind one of the UT?


Good idea, behind the castle age UT.

(the xolotl would be too hopeless well into the Imperial Age)

I agree they should have access, in the rare scenario where they can convert a stable. I would not want this to be some hidden easter egg though.

Best way to handle it IMO would be to give Mayans a civ bonus “Monks can convert enemy buildings without needing Redemption”. This would prevent them from gaining the true strength of Redemption (converting siege), and it would avoid any unintuitive exceptions like being unable to convert houses or barracks. If that is too strong as a free bonus then it could be combined into one of the UT’s.

There is some precedent for this, as several civs also have partial generic techs as a bonus. Lithuanians for example don’t get Plate Mail Armor, but their Halberdiers get +2 Pierce Armor from tower shields.

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“If mayans destroy a stable, they get a stable where they destroyed enemy stable”


Man, are civs not allowed to have points of weakness anymore without requiring some highly specific form of compensation? Even for missing a meme unit?

I’d enjoy seeing more Xolotl Warriors myself, but only through appearances in mind-blowingly awesome scenarios created by the community, not in creating peculiar exceptions to how civs function in competitive play. Besides, we all know that the Inca Xolotl warrior is the meme unit that dreams are made of.


If that is all the UT gives, it is a useless UT, because the u it is pretty much useless.

Well, after an update that added extra effects to some UTs I thought it was pretty obvious I meant the same thing here

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Do Mayans need a buff even as inconsequential as this?

Yes (im kidding, ok?)