Allow "parties" for new Battle Royale mode

Some times I want to play a game with my friends. With the battle royale mode, the only way to ensure specific opponents is to launch a custom lobby. Which would be fine if I had 7 friends who could all play AOE2DE at the same time. Unfortunately people who are looking to play Battle Royale have no reason to look for a lobby because of quick play. I understand that the quick play party system is intended for searching for a game as a team. However, it would be great to use party invites as a way to ensure a group of people are put into the same game.


The big problem with that is that it would allow people to team up in a game mode which is not meant for people to team up. I totally understand that you (and a lot of others) would like to play that mode with friends, but I am very sure a lot of people would also abuse that system.

So I think it’s very sad, but probably still the best choice to not allow people to create parties for this mode.


For you and your friends to team up in a free for all mode? No thank you.


Create a lobby with your friends. I don’t want to see “Teaming in Battle Royale” threads.

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Cmon man, its supposed to be a laid back game mode, why cant I play with my mate?

What’s the point on having new online game modes if you cannot share the fun with friends?

For competitive reasons we already have RM ladder

You can still host Battle royale in the lobby. So you can still have your laid back game with friends.

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The comments that this would enable ganging up in a free for all game are an important rebuttal. I forget that others might not be as enthusiastic about having an opportunity to crush their friends.

Its supposed to be laid back for everyone. And getting ganged up by 2-3 friends is not laid back.