Allow players that trade with themselves using aoe2's system of two furthest markets but with two of one's own markets - remove Gaia marketplaces

Gaia marketplace points is a negative aspect to gameplay in general, much better for marketplace points to remain completely custom such as in team games, and 1vs1 would do well to follow suite. Aoe4 I look at as incredibly flawed due to the Gaia market system.

Instead of fixed trade routes, I believe that your markets should be able to trade between themselves and moved around based on need. This would be a far better feature than 4’s fixed trade routes - let us build our empires with trade both in and outside of it.

Trade within the empire, for example could have a reduced income rate such as a 50% reduction in profits from trading rather than trading with another nation, but more importantly without any of those available, your empire might still thrive by trading with your own marketplaces.

(Thread edited and repurposed from aeo2 for aoe4, so if any information discrepancies exist, that’s why)

now be specific and point out what exactly you see as a problem
edit: that would almost certainly be too strong, good luck making that balanced

That is nonsense

Gaia markets / docks in are great


Perhaps You can keep playing AoE2 , if You do not like this AoE4 feature

he wants player trading their own markets there as well
so he doesn’t like no neutral posts either

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He wants to remove Gaia markets

Specifically I want Gaia markets to be replaced with two player markets(trading points) that may be moved around at will, or rebuilt if destroyed or deleted which opens up flexibility if you lose longer trade routes and are forced into a smaller one.

O geez, another suggestion solely based on making AoE4 a clone of AoE2, what a surprise. I don’t see any problem with gaia markets. It doesn’t make sense if you could trade with yourself. Do you understand the word trade?

Neutral markets are good because they create strategic points on the map. Without markets there’s literally nothing, just an empty world. They should go further and flesh out the neutral markets with their own identity. My only gripe is that they exist without explanation. Who built the neutral markets? Who do they belong to? The current design feels like a placeholder.

Same with sacred sites. Make them actually feel sacred and not just a random circle in the middle of BFE.


it’s called trading within one’s own empire, which does exist. your people are bringing success to themselves and you in return by their successes. trade within an empire keeps the economy running. yeah, there certainly are ventures with greater gains by going the distance to a far off land, but that doesn’t mean there is no success at home trading within the kingdom. and say that in such a far off land resides a hub of your own kingdom, you may still trade with that hub, and it will benefit your kingdom as a whole.

That’s a very western capitalist concept of economy. Fact is trade generating gold within your kingdom doesn’t make any sense since the gold would have to be mined by yourself, it’s a zero-sum system. But the gaia trader system doesn’t make much sense either since you just get gold in exchange for nothing.

yes. 100% copy from aoe2. [sarcasm]
Like your lack of knowledge, that in aoe2 you can not even trade 1vs1. But who cares. LOL.
Just blame aoe2 if you do not understand smth. works every time.

OP claims it to be AoE2 feature

“Allow players that trade with themselves using aoe2’s system of two furthest markets but with two of one’s own markets - remove Gaia marketplaces”

Incorrect. I even posted the suggestion thread from the aoe2 part of the forums in the very first post in this thread. It’s suggested for aoe2 and further for aoe4 because I see the current version of trading with self on aoe4 to be awful(Gaia markets and fixed positions to boot) and aoe2 to be lacking(non existent or within specific non-ordinary maps)

The thread was edited from the aoe2 forums and repurposed for here.

So what was the reaction in AoE2 forum?

Mixed, some for, some against, it’s expected - it’s mainly a matter of ensuring it to be balanced and not overpowered or useless.

That being said, reactions may still be ongoing - that thread began near the same hours as this one.

I would prefer that they recover the system of routes and commercial posts of aoe 3, being able to choose what resource you want to give you the merchant…

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Heal is greatly exaggerating the popularity, almost nobody agreed with it. Only about 2 people out of a at least 20 said anything even slightly in favor of it. Heal just doesn’t want to admit that the idea wasn’t popular. And the only reason I’m bothering to comment here is because I don’t like Heal implying that the community agrees with his idea, when in fact, very little of it does.

I’d say you’re greatly exaggerating the opposite. the conversation is more or less down the middle especially after you and a few other regulars that normally nay say on a regular basis were done. Despite your best efforts to shut it down out the gate, the conversation is doing decent.