I hate archipelago that that map is forsaken please let me BACK OUT of the quickplay rather than having to ALT-F4 to get myself out of queuing forsaken maps I want blacklisted.

And before you say “just use custom and choose your map” I cannot queue custom 1v1’s literally no one joins quickplay is just better but please let me back out of forsaken water maps

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AOE 4 Quicky Exit Quick Match Without AltF4 - YouTube

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dude thank you ffs 2021 game and they dont have a simple back out zzz

thank u this works for now

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It works but is very annoying.

It is 2021 and a new AOE game that has fewer features.

I never imagined such a thing could happen to us xD

I feel like the game devs are going in the wrong direction…


Well in a MP game, you typically aren’t supposed to be able to back out once a match is found and most games enforce a dodge penalty when you do so that locks you out of requeuing.

nah fam, i’m trying to que like what’s considered “competitive” 1v1 which is either land or hybrid land/water maps.

NOT full water. when game was in development they even considered not putting water at all, but after getting feedback Relic decided to put it as every other aoe game had water in it.

I’m glad they added water, but, proves my point I don’t think FULL water maps should be considered “competitive” try playing archipielago man like that thing should just be blacklisted horrific map.