Almost all mods got disabled

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  • GAME BUILD #: In the newest patch of today
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I played some games and almost all mods seemed to stop working. Then i check the installed mods and all except one were disabled. I didnt disabled it. So i had to play with big trees, no grid and all other visual improvement mods i use. You also can enable mods during the game. Playing without these mods felt horrible. That shows also the importance of these great mods.

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It happends today twice before i enabled all mods again.

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I dont know? For some reason all mods except one became disabled today.

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If i enable a mod, then it shoudl stay enable untill i disable the mod.

All mods are automatically disabled after an update in case a mod becomes incompatible with the game and prevents you from starting the game.

That’s not a bug, that happens with every update

If something happens every update, doesnt means it isnt a bug…
Also not all mods got disabled, most got disabled.

And if it is considered as feature, then it would be nice to have a pop up about it, so you got remindered to enable all again. Steam auto update all games, so i dont really see every update of all games.

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[quote=“WoodsierCorn696, post:4, topic:202138”]
Also not all mods got disabled, most got disabled.[/quote]
I think it is all unofficial mods that get disabled.

I agree.

in this case, it isn’t.

the official AOE developers clearly stated it is designed with this in mind. to purposely disable ALL mods upon every update. since it is intended, they do not consider it a bug.

it is definitely an annoyance having to turn it all on, restart the game to take effect. it is what it is.

Seems like there was a very small patch again. I saw Steam downloading something, so i noticed it. But otherwise i didnt even know. There isnt even a Steam post about the patch. Is it a small hotfix? Idk.

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MOD is GG now,this is a huge blow for players and authors,dam

yea modders gott update everytime to keep up with the game. as long as it doesnt completely kill it and require redoing everything, theres still hope. they are however migrating towards something better for modders, just need time.

+1 for mods disabled reminder

There is a grid that comes with the base game, so you can turn that on as a backup.