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Hello @PCDragon3979, I’d like to report a bug in this campaign: Seljuk/Qizilbash Warriors cannot be upgraded to elite, and the “Upgrade to Elite Janissary” button remains there even with no actual effect in the game.

Moreover, do you have a prediction on when the unpublished campaigns (Polish, Burmese, Ethiopian, etc.) will be available again and an Armenian one will be launched?

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this bug and roll out an update soon.

As I am aware of the missing campaigns, I will restore them soon as possible.

For the Armenian campaign, ideas are underway.

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Thanks too :slightly_smiling_face: Speaking of UUs unable to be upgraded, I’ve noted most, if not all, renamed UUs in your campaigns (e.g. Dragoons) and UUs from civs other than the campaign’s main one (e.g. Konniks and Kipchaks available to Tatars in ##### Khan’s campaign) cannot be upgraded to Elite versions.

Moreover, are there any ways to download and install offline your campaigns that are missing from Mod Workshop, for me to play them?

Apologies for the lengthy delay. I haven’t been playing AoE2 much recently, as I had a rather busy work schedule lately.

The first two campaigns are restored, the rest will be reuploaded soon.

Your patience is appreciated.

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Thank you very much! :blush: