Also the original campaigns?

In the next DLC are the original campaigns uodated?


We do not know.

But by “updated” they would need being remade from the ground up.

I saw no mention to this, so I believe it won’t happen. That’s why it was said from the beginning that AOE1 content would be ported to AOE2, not the full game.


I would have preferred to leave AOE1 where it is, as is, with all the campaigns but updated with AOE 2 mechanics, maybe just adding afew missing things like gates or the ability to hit moving targets.

But since that is not going to happen, I just going to wait and see how ROR works.

I hope for the best :blush:

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Ballistics works exactly the same way in AoE1 as it does in AoE2.

That’s quite sad, I mostly play campaigns, and a few mp with close relatives.

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If you expect anywhere near the same quality as AOE2 campaigns, don’t… the AOE1 editor could only set victory conditions and not dynamic triggers so AOE1 campaigns are extremely barebones.

Even if they are not included I’m sure modders will port them to ROR quickly, but they would need a considerable overhaul to fit the quality standards of official AOE2 campaigns.


AoE1 had AI scripting.
A lot of missions depend on that.
Good example is the Yamato one where you have to keep sending tributes.

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Possibly… they are not going to leave the original campaigns of 1 DE without anyone playing them…

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