Alt and Ctrl, temporarily disables text input

As the title says. In-game text as well as lobby text is disabled for like 0.5 sec after hitting alt or ctrl.
Also, double right clicking a “recently played” player’s icon results in the selection bar being plotted in the top left corner.

Thank you for reporting @UnrulyHornet524! Can you point me to a particular instance where this causes a problem? I’m trying to think of a specific use case here and I’m coming up blank.

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It’s very specific and likely applies to very few. It does however apply to those that rebinds spacebar( or another letter key) as a modifier key ( ctrl, alt, ctrl+alt etc) and still keep it for chatting ( spacebar command-> modifier). I’m using such a setup, and it makes chatting very hard. It’s likely a very low prioroty issue though.