Alternate AI Personalities

Variant civ mod? I’m down for that, especially if I get to smuggle my AI into it. and maybe also do some holiday themed stuff

Seeing how horribly they were done in AoE4, I would rather steer away from variant civs. But to be fair, this approach would be significantly better than how it was done there. They really should have portrayed it as alternate leaders like in Civilization 6 with France (Jeanne d’Arc) and France (Louis XI, etc).


I mean, civs can be left untouched, but there is absolutely no way around the duplicates. A civ can only be played by one AI personality. If you force two personalities to use the same civ, e.g. Isabella and Philip II for Spanish, there is a weird situation where Philip II shows up in the pre-game menu, and then Isabella shows up in-game. Or the other way around, depending on how you made personalities.xml. So, civs must be cloned. You can do a whole lot of things with a clone without affecting the original. For example, you can leave it as is, or give it a different flag, or do anything else you want (as long as your remain withing the possibilities of modding).

Emperor Wan-li was one of the worst emperors in Ming history. And it is unfair that the Leader of the Ch’ing was chosen from among the great monarchs, while the Leader of the Ming was chosen from among the incompetent monarchs.

Therefore, I think the Emperor Yung-le is more appropriate than the Wan-li.

Too early.

The AI leaders do not need to be royal. Maybe General Qi Jiguang could be an option, if it has to be a Ming person. He is the man who established the Mandarin Duck squad, so it can be nice, although training Mongolic units would be a bit weird as he had fought the Mongols.

However, the Chinese Campaign’s Treasure Fleet was modeled on the events of his reign. In addition, the Card based on his exploits was added in the latest Update. Probably, there is no problem with the era.

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If you want to make Ptesan Wi the Lakota AI, then why not make Baba Yaga the Russian one, or the Yellow Emperor the AI for China? Why not make Krishna the AI of India or make King Arthur lead the British?

Ptesan Wi would be an interesting leader for Age of Mythology, but her story literally starts with her turning a man to dust after he has “impure thoughts” about her. That isn’t the type of figure that can be an AI in AoE3.

And as for Chief Eagle Woman, literally one of the only Chiefs the Lakota have ever had that had recognized leadership of multiple tribes… I don’t know why you don’t think she’s not suited for it, she’s literally the closest we’ve ever been to united under a single ruler.

And “just a business woman”? That’s literally the core of what values kept the Lakota going for centuries. We travel the prairie because it’s our business. We hunted bison because it was our business. We profited and traded bison goods, that’s why we held them so sacred. Our entire culture as a nomadic people was purely for business and profit.

There is nobody more suited than Chief Eagle Woman.


You know very well none of these are even remotely comparable in role or timeframe. There are already semi-legendary figures like Hiawatha who are leaders in this game. Other games like civ 6 have semi-legendary leaders like Kupe or Gilgamesh. When you don’t have a written history, the early figures tend to be somewhat obscured by myths even if they are real.

So nowhere remotely close to united.

Eagle Woman was a good trader and diplomat because she was very well integrated into the white American community but also connected to her heritage. Due to her good standing among the Americans she was well positioned to provide aid to Lakota communities and act as a go between. She certainly has some admirable achievements, but functioning as an intermediary because you assimilated into American culture isn’t a great basis for being leader of the Lakota. Making her leader would be like making La Malinche leader of the Aztecs.

It was primarily a subsistence lifestyle. Nomads can’t amass a bunch of material wealth because they have to transport it when they move. Sure they traded far and wide, but so did most other groups.

How much do you even know about her story? She’s said to be the literal child of ###### (Wxoxhxpxe - remove the Xs), the spirit of Hope, and she was sent to earth via a comet. She showed up, gave a message to a hunter, showed up a week later for one week, then literally turned into three different bison by rolling over and disappearing, never to be seen again.

How does that make for a leadership figure, even if you tried to make it out that she existed in some facet? Her entire existence within Lakota culture amounts to seven days, max, before turning back into a bison and never showing up again in any story afterwards.

ADD: I have to add, but one of the core details of her story is that she isn’t even human. She’s literally a bison who turned into a human for a few days to help us out.

She had the say of the Hunkpapa, Oohenunpa, Oglala, and Sihasapa tribes. It was her call that told their headmen what to do, and none would have acted without her. She wasn’t just “advising,” she was part of the headman society and led them in talks. Her standing apart was deliberate, because she was trying not to favor her own birth tribe (Oohenunpa) over the other tribes she spoke for.
Only the Sichangu, Mnikhowozu, and Itazipcho didn’t follow her, but the Sichangu typically followed the Hunkpapa and Oglala (they share a reservation with the Hunkpapa now) and the Itazipcho typically followed the Oohenunpa and Sihasapa anyway. Only the Mnikhowozu stood apart, but they always favored peace anyway.

It was the Oceti Sakowin and their allies that solidified the central plains under their control. Because one of the Dakota tribes was stationary and the other was largely just moving around the forest’s edge, most of this fell to the Lakota, and later, additionally the Cheyenne and, to a lesser extent, the Arapaho.

There’s also the cultural standard to note that “wealth” among many Native cultures was determined by how much you gave away, not how much you owned. The PNW tribes used Potlachs to give away stuff in competitions, but none would call them poor. The Lakota operated in much the same fashion. It was typical to give away all your stuff, down to your own tipi and horses, away on your birthday to show off how rich you were.

Fair point, but I’d say she’s still a much better option than Eagle Woman. Someone from an earlier era would be preferable to balance out the very late 1800s focus would be best. Your suggestion of Old Chief Smoke from the late 1700s is a decent one. I came across a few other good options like Black Moccasin (early 1700s) and Holy Standing Buffalo (1600s). There’s even a painting of Black Moccasin. Holy Standing Buffalo’s descendant Standing Bull is also the one who discovered the Black Hills, so he could be another good option.

The American government gave her the task of picking representatives of the Lakota. Her authority came from the conquerors of the Lakota. Granted, she did her best to protect them and earned their respect, but she was put in that position due to here American ties.

The central plains is not all that large of a region. The Blackfoot and Iron Confederacy controlled a lot of trade north of that, and various groups controlled trade in other directions.

They still have very obvious limitations on the ability to transport goods. The PNW tribes by contrast had much more material wealth to give away.