Alternate Infinite Resource Mode?

How would everyone feel about such a setting?

Could we get an alternate infinite resource mode? I know, there are mods out there that do this. I in fact, make them each time there’s an update. Most of the updates anyway. It’s hard to host mods sometimes since players often fail to download the mod. A built-in mode like this would be cool. Of course this would be unranked only, no question.

What I am asking for is basically, a built-in mode that changes all resources on the map to be something like 9999999999 resources. This sort of game setting is good for scenarios (Diplo Europe for example) and could be fun for casual gamers. Instead of just having infinite resources in your bank.

Basically resources look like this below.

A new setting below this


But like, why?

9999999999 of a resource is almost never gonna end in one game anyways

It does end. Works great for Diplomacy mapss and crazy 4v4 large wars.

But yeah, it can be long and grindy.

Not really sure why we would want this. Is there really a big player base using this kind of mods? I dont think so. Having just a mod for this is fine.


That’s the point. You still need to harvest ressources, but they never run out.

I would never play this myself, but I can see it being a nice addition for casual players, who like very slow and grindy games.

Every time I hosted one back in AOE 2 2013 they would rapidly fill. So, there’s a large market for it. Maybe not as big as standard games, but still a lot.

I see many lobbies hosting such mods.

I think it could be fun to have a map with an infinite gold pile in the centre, or just a few infinite trees on the map (and little other wood).
It would be cool if they could add support for such features.

I’d never play an Alternate Infinite Resource Mode game where all gold tiles are infinite.

Thing is AOE2 DE offers legit infinite resources

I mean, if they never run out, might as well make sure it happens

I think you miss the point.
The infinity mode in the game right now just gives infinite ressources to all players. You dont need to gather anything. Just spam buildings and units as fast as you can click.
This thread wants a similiar mode, but where you have to gather your ressources - they just dont run out. So there is quite a difference between those two.

If it is infinite ressources or 9999999999 doesn’t matter, it is exactly the same. A game would need to last multiple years for that to run out. Just do whatever is easier to code.


Alright, makes more sense now.


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Would support gameplay with resource gathering, while removing need to worry about resorce patches (trees, mines, fish, etc) running out. Resource amount should be ∞ instead of 9999999999 though. Just don’t use it in forest nothing.

I like this idea. Essentially, current unlimited resources mode is all about military and villagers as builders.

Trees and mines with forever lasting resources would on the other hand require the player to maintain a healthy villager population that can sustain military production.

I don’t play non-standard modes but I can definitely see why someone would want to play it.