Alternate Unique Units

What alternate unique units would you like to see? This is purely a hypothetical discussion of what if the unique units were replaced with something else at the very beginning. However, you can have some civs with 2 unique units if you wish, such as the Vikings.

Celt’s castle unit. Scottish Nobel Pikeman. A super-heavy infantry very high armor, 100 hp (elite), plus one range, but slow movement rate. Think of it as a cross between a kamayuk and a teutonic knight.

Unit inspired by Mediaeval 2 Total War.


A Korean Hwacha would have been great. I imagine it to work similar to the Flying Crow in AOE3.


Aztec: Atl-atl
Mayans: Hornet Thrower
Inca: Huaraca
Saracen: Naffatun
Persian: Hassassin
Korean: Hwacha
Chinese: Pen-Huo-Qi
Indians: Bhuj-Kutti

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Gallowglass for the celts.
Landsknechte for teutons.
Venition gally for italians,alongside the current uus.
Varangians for byzantines with cats.
Cuman for magyars.maybe as the 3rd upgrade to the cav archer.
Spanish genitor not the berber looking one an european one.


Maybe Sohei for Japanese (warrior monk who typically fights with a Naginata), for the vikings maybe shield maidens (female warriors) and for the khmer maybe some type of guard (don’t know their exact name) on horseback that fights with a ph’kak (like a hockey club but with an axe blade)(their horses could have been disguised as dragons)

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Oh, what’s that?

Almogávar and Tercio Pikeman (Spanish), Hwacha (Koreans), Ashigaru (Japanese), Bolas Warrior (Incas), Billman (English), Átlatl warrior (Aztecs) …

Gallowglass - Wikipedia(also%20spelled%20galloglass,century%20and%20late%2016th%20century.

Personally I’d like a unique type of siege unit.

How about a Ballista that sets up like a trebuchet with a little less pack/unpack time?

Artillery you set up the same way but with a much longer pack/unpack.

A catapult that’s somewhat weak against buildings but can do massive damage to troops (12 range, 1 area with 3 splash damage at 66%, 33%).

Fire Throwers with essentially molotov cocktails that do damage over time.

“Shamans” that slow down enemies with powerful “spells” (drugs).

I wouldn’t mind seeing some more status-effect troops in general.

Flamethrowers that are limited use (i.e., 3 bursts) that can spray a decent number of enemies before melting/becoming useless.

An Archimedes’ “Heat Ray” that sets up like a tower; temporarily disorients enemies and sets ships on fire (temporary DoT after each hit).

I’m sure there are plenty more but it would add some fun variety to the game :slight_smile:

I think age is better off without these types of abilities. This isn’t a blizzard rts and doesnr need to try to be one


Then you’re going to like the Bohemians i guess :smiley:

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Koreans - Hwacha (but they already have 2 uus)
Chinese - Flamethrower
Persian - Savar
Turks - Sipahi?
Japanese - Mounted Samurai (as a cav archer) or Ashigarus

they already have secondary uus

I think all civs should have 2 UU since some have 2 and others have 1. The Mounted Teutonic Knight would be a great second UU for Teutons

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Yes let’s give teutons yet another physical resistant unit. They clearly don’t have enough as is


Haha. There is such a thing as balancing, look it up :slight_smile:

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Would love it if they added the savar and flamethrower as well as other scenario editor units to the general pool.

Trom Cannon and Knight of Christ for Portuguese.

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Aztecs - Coyote Runner, Skull Warrior

Incas - Bolas Warrior

Chinese - Fire Lancer, Flamethrower

Koreans - Hwacha, Flail Cavalry

Japanese - Ashigaru, Sohei

Teutons - Teutonic Knight (mounted version)

Persians - Savaran

Turks - Abus

Huns - Lasso Rider

Mongols - some type of unique siege unit would be great, maybe grenadier?

Vietnamese - some type of troop armed with handgonne, not sure how it was called but according to Ming records the Annamese had handgonnes that could fire large darts

Vikings - would like to see a double-handed axeman for them

Malays - Keris Warrior, Blowgunner

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That lasso rider could’ve been the raiding unit if AOE2 went the alpha/beta route.

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For me, the Spanish need a signature unit that isn’t a gunpowder one. Missionaries are underwhelming, and just like Conquistadores, they’re thought for XVI century Imperial Spain, in the context of the conquest of Mexico. Spain’s history is more than that, and the Conquistador feels so out of place in El Cid’s campaign

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