Alternative name for generic unique unit names?

With the introduction of Armenians and their composite bowman , warrior monk, I wonder if there is regional names for those two that can be used instead? Also how can we change the other generic sounding unique unit names to more regional sounding ones?

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Maybe use the words in the native language for those units?

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Yes I would like to know the native language words.

For me the names are ok,sure initially they seem very generic but if you look at other names there are multiple generic words used eg.throwing axeman catapract magyar hussar war elephant war wagon organ gun and others.

They could have named Shrivamsha as Missile Cavalry, Chu Ko Nu as Repeat Crossbowman, Mameluke as Camel Scimitar Rider but that would be boring.

Armenians are such a mess of a civ

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Why because the Armenians were Cavalrymen?

Yes, they were. Actually, historically some of the best cavalry of their day. They weren’t abnormally good with infantry, while the Georgians were. Their affinities should really be swapped.

You mean Monaspa should be infantry?

No, they should be cavalry. But the Georgians should have an infantry focus, and the Armenians should have a cavalry and siege focus. Apart from the Georgians having good towers, which is accurate, their tech trees are practically flipped.

Your thread is about UUs not having regional or unique names and I guess composite bowman and warrior monks are the most obvious examples.
Also these Armenians are not specific of Armenia, joke’s on them!

I mistakenly wrote warrior monk, it should be warrior priests.

Potayto, potahto. No big deal. You got your point across. Spirit of the Law calls them that sometimes, too.

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