Alternative to faction going idle after owner drops OR RESIGNS

Pretty lame that in 2020 if a player drops (or R E S I G N S),their faction becomes completely useless to the rest of the team.

  1. DONT cause the dropped player’s units to become inactive
  2. AI could gift their res to remaining players
  3. Make their units player controllable (ffs starcraft had this and could handle the seperate pop caps spread across multiple factions)
  4. Hand over control of dropped faction to an AI (even “easiest” AI would be better than nothing)(Company of heroes 2 for reference)

Currently if a player drops (thanks latest patch for increasing these odds) (or R E S I G N S) its almost guaranteed a team game loss(if the teams were previosly balanced, or many times even if the superior team drops a player the likelihood of lossing sky rockets)

Obviously current situation leads to massive negative player experience

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Ok. But if some country surrenders in a war, Its RESOURCES are usually used by the winner in the war.
At a team game, world war, sometimes, some of the soldiers may join to the forces of the Remaining not surrendering countries, but not the villagers and the buildings. The buildings of surrenders ( resigned players) usually are used by the winner.

So the Winning side may gain control over BUILDINGS( castles), and the Losing side( of the Resigned player) may gain control over the MILITARY units… Villagers usually become Slaves of the winner, who force the enemy player( country) to resign.

You need to understand that regardless of being 2020 the engine that DE runs on still the same as the original Age of Empires 2 from 1999. It still shares many of the limitations that were along original AoE2.

Player imputs on units are bound to the player number/color, so, unless you join the game as the same color/number slot as other player, you can’t share control with other player units.

As for an AI handling on the wheels of a leaver, I don’t know about this. Maybe it’s possible to load a AI script under every player on a match that can be triggered to work by a disconnection. But nothing is too simple as you want to be, sadly. I can’t even wonder how a AI script could catch up to whatever the infinite possibilities of how a player left his civ after leaving the game.

And note that everything I’m saying here is strictly related to AoE2. Aside from bringing cool ideas, there’s no meaning to the discussion proposing solutions there are on other games. Something being a feature on Starcraft doesn’t mean it’s possible at AoE2 and vice-versa.

Oh, and about resigning, just no. If a player resigns it is what it is.