Always losing 1 bit of resource when adding to storages

Just assign a villager a job, wait for him to get him to get 1 and only 1 resource, then ask him to store it.
You will never get that 1 resource, and the resource is basically lost. Odd.


Weird indeed… that extra point is valuable, by the way. It may seem like nothing, but it’s like wasting ~2 seconds of strategy/gameplay, and in some cases, when being raided, it is crucial to get the last drop of resources to escape and rebuild/create a new base.

The normal thing to do is return resources gathered, as small as they are, in order to not lose one bit. There are several occasions in which certain resources are of extreme importance, like wood for creating transport ships or archers (literally any unit or building that’s relatively cheap).

That’s like in the old game.

I have noticed that there is not actually a waste of resources, rather the numbers indicated on the screen are approximations rather than exact values.

Villagers can indeed gather resources in quantities that are inferior or greater than 1 unit of each resource, and have the interface show their values incorrectly or in an approximate way.

For example, they can gather 0.75, then 0.25, which in turn is 1. I run some tests and that’s the result I got. Pretty interesting. I always thought that numbers shown were accurate, but they are not 100% precise. So, if you currently have 1000 units of gold shown in the HUD, you might actually have 1000.25 or 1000.75 instead.

This is not a bug! :slight_smile: