Am I getting dropped because of the AOE DE server or the map quality?

I have been playing an AOE:ROR map called #2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player. The original version of the map is in this map pack
(If you use that map pack, delete the “Mediterranean Sea” map. It can make your game crash.)

I tried playing that map about 10 times using the original AOE:ROR edition on Gameranger, and about half the time the game started freezing until it locked up totally. I guess that the map has a problem therefore.

I tried playing the same map with a player in India named SRK (I am in the US). First we played on the West India server and the gameplay was smooth, but a message said that I was dropped from the server about 5 minutes into the game. Next we tried on the West UK server and about 23 minutes into the game, I got dropped. I can’t tell if this problem is the server or from a glitch in the map. My guess is that it’s from the server, because I know that the US Region server was buggy.

The only solutions that I can think of are:

  1. Try playing someone who lives closer.
  2. Try playing on a better server (which one?)
  3. Try resaving the map in AOE:DE scenario format.

What do you think?