Am I insane? are Cumens balanced?

In team games the cumen player just rushes these ■■■■■■ lancers and reaves around pillaging every production line, they beat pikemen and they can 1v1 camels?

Is there some caveat that I’m missing? I just had an evenly matched 4v4 where one player with an eco smaller than our entire teams just wins every fight he comes into contact with unless we have massed archers. I’m just not seeing the weakness in these units when a pocketed player just fast castles, runs into our pockets and then destroys anyone who was stupid enough to think 30 pikemen would be able to hold cavalry harassment without another 40 archers behind to focus fire. I might just have no idea what im talking about, but both teams pick this civ every game and everyone else just bitches as they’re rolled. The only thing I’ve seen work is mass longbowmen.

I might just not understand their weakness however.

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Cumans are busted for sure, in like TGS when youre the pocket, you can go scouts > 2 tc boom,
Fc > 2 tc on the way to castle into knights with a tc pumping out vills while youre waitibg to age up lmao

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