Am I too stupid, or is the game really difficult?

Yes, what I say - I think this mission is broken.


I tested Holy Man (Babylon 1) last night. Even with resource cheats, I couldn’t beat the AI in moderate difficulty (not easy, nor hard, according to the community).

That’s ridiculous! I however tested the William Wallace scenarios from Age of Empires 2: DE, and I could beat the game without major issues, using the same/similar strategies.

I tried to build every building required to advance to the next 2 ages, and although I could, it wasn’t possible for me to withstand the attackers (red team actually… yellow is OK I believe).

  • Not having Monotheism is a huge disadvantage.
  • Not being able to advance to Iron Age is also a disadvantage.

An old topic. It is manageable, but has nothing to do with fun. I still think the mission is buggy, since the A.I. here is clearly cheating.

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Maybe that helps.

Am I getting this right? It took 24 hours in 2x speed to finally beat the scenario? Seriously, this needs to be fixed ASAP.


I suggest denying at least one unit to the Red team so they have it harder against Blue… I say remove priests or melee chariots. Being stuck in the Bronze Age is challenging enough.

Yellow is alright from my experience, but Red on the other hand… is something else and completely overpowered and has not a slight but huge advantage against Blue.

No idea :laughing:. At least it took me that long. Not 24 hours, but a day like this.

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It would be enough if the AI would not see everything.

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Fair enough, anything but leaving the scenario as it is…

It’s slightly easier if you use the priest “hoyohoyo” cheat. One he moves a lot faster and two, he doesn’t get killed right off the bat by villagers cuz he can outrun them. Short of using either the kill, die, or homerun cheat just to get through it. For some reason red is stuck on the hard level. It was most manageable on that level. Start gold and stone before you go to bronze, that way as soon as you do you can get the wall and tower upgrades going and start walling off that walk way. I put a double line of houses while waiting to upgrade between the trees at the south crossing. They are cheap and easily replaced.

AOE 1 is hardcore game, it is way harder than AOE2, and the campaigns with hard difficulty is almost impossible to do, i found this game really interesting with its own style, you are not stupid and you are not weak because this happened to all of us :stuck_out_tongue:. Did you try Yamato first mission with hard mode?! Hahahah it is totally sick and insane, it is even harder than Babylone

I don’t know - I can’t confirm that^^
So I have played through every campaign at the hardest level. There were a few missions that were very hard, but most of them were actually quite simple. I really don’t want to show off or go for the big max, but it was like this^^

Many greetings.

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Honestly I just hope for devs to fix Babylon 1 (Holy Man). This is not playing right, by any means. They should tweak the difficulty there, in some ways. It’s really sad not having a consistent level of difficulty throught the campaign scenarios. I played several, and finished/completed them without cheats, but Holy Man is really, really hard compared to the previous ones. It would only take some changes to the scenario so it is not unwinnable anymore.

This has to be addressed ASAP in my opinion. It’s the core game after all, its identity. It has to improve/be fixed so we can continue playing and keep advancing/progressing through the scenarios without cheat codes! :pensive:


It was fairly easy. Just go to higher elevations and do a couple of hit and runs. Plus, you can use the priest to heal you while you simultaneously attack the chieftain. It’s really fun. The only thing that’s hard about it is the alpha crocodile.

You mean alpha lions, right? I don’t remember crocodiles being in the first Yamato scenario.

There is an alpha crocodile next to the transport ship at the river, which you have to hit and run at least half a dozen times. And there are alpha lions too but they are easy to take care of.

It’s a simple fix actually. When they tinkered with the PER and AI files they tripped super aggressive despite difficulty level chosen. I made the changes and it now plays like the original. If I ever work out how to pull out the ai and per files from DE scenarios, I will know exactly which command options they screwed up.


It’s very frustrating to not get any updates, and to not have/know what it takes to mod the AI to our liking :expressionless:

If you think about it, half the pandemic we haven’t had an update for this game :skull_and_crossbones: