Am I too stupid, or is the game really difficult?

I have been playing the first mission in the Babylonian campaign, Holy Man. My goal is to use a lone priest to convert enemy units and eliminate the two rival civilizations. The game suggests I start with the village to the east, which is reasonable cuz it is indeed weaker. And that was what I did.

When I used my priest to convert a villager, all other villagers started to swarm me and killed the priest right away.

I restarted, using the priest to convert a lone villager from as far as possible, and manage to make it away before other villagers could kill me. And I made it off with the villager and started a town center somewhere in the northeast corner of the map. Everything seemed to be going alright, but not before long, the two enemy villages started to attack me relentlessly. I barely managed to get to Age II and they started slaughtering me with Age III armies.

I retried for like eight or ten times, and they all ended pretty much the same, with more advanced enemy forces slaughtering my town. Am I missing anything here? Is there a legitimate trick that can help me survive and develop so I can catch up with the advanced enemies?

Thank you, the great AOE community!

You may or may not consider this cheating, but on a lower AI difficulty you can make it off with several villagers and boom up in time to crush at least the weaker village before they make any serious military.

EDIT: The post below me suggests my information is outdated. Never mind.

no its not you, I had the same issue. I think they updated the AI a bit to help their responses but its made this mission super ■■■■ difficult. I looked up videos when I did and theres supposed to be villagers that hand around separate from their base you can turn first but turn on the reveal map cheat and watched those same villagers rush back home unlike the video and then immidately made a barrack to train clubmen…

id convert someone all alone and the entire base would charge me. Theres two campaign missions like this too.

Yes, this mission is very worse. I think this quest is broken and the creators would have problems to win. I have done it but it was not fun. The next missions are easy as ■■■■.

It is one of the best missions of all the campaigns in the game.
It’s difficult but not impossible. Really challenging.
I recommend you settle in the yellow base and convert their villagers as many as you can. As you build your village, try to defeat them quickly so that they don’t develop. Block the river passage with walls and towers, if possible build a fleet to attack from the coasts. Once you have a decent amount of war chariots and chariot archers, break your walls and cross the river, take the gold that is south of the reds. Use the gold for catapults and cavalry while continuing to harass with Chariots.

Yes, but logic says that you play it in “Easy” difficulty setting, it should not be “difficult […] really challenging”, it should be easy. The only way I’ve found for surviving was waiting for a lone wandering yellow villager, converting only him, creating as many villagers and clubmen as I could, and hoping to be enough fast to beat the yellow enemy. For dealing with the red, I’ve fortified the river bank with as many towers I could, and blocking the passage with docks, used as a cheap cannon fodder while towers kill incoming red enemy.

Yes, what I say - I think this mission is broken.