Am I too stupid, or is the game really difficult?

Honestly I just hope for devs to fix Babylon 1 (Holy Man). This is not playing right, by any means. They should tweak the difficulty there, in some ways. It’s really sad not having a consistent level of difficulty throught the campaign scenarios. I played several, and finished/completed them without cheats, but Holy Man is really, really hard compared to the previous ones. It would only take some changes to the scenario so it is not unwinnable anymore.

This has to be addressed ASAP in my opinion. It’s the core game after all, its identity. It has to improve/be fixed so we can continue playing and keep advancing/progressing through the scenarios without cheat codes! :pensive:


It was fairly easy. Just go to higher elevations and do a couple of hit and runs. Plus, you can use the priest to heal you while you simultaneously attack the chieftain. It’s really fun. The only thing that’s hard about it is the alpha crocodile.

You mean alpha lions, right? I don’t remember crocodiles being in the first Yamato scenario.

There is an alpha crocodile next to the transport ship at the river, which you have to hit and run at least half a dozen times. And there are alpha lions too but they are easy to take care of.

It’s a simple fix actually. When they tinkered with the PER and AI files they tripped super aggressive despite difficulty level chosen. I made the changes and it now plays like the original. If I ever work out how to pull out the ai and per files from DE scenarios, I will know exactly which command options they screwed up.


It’s very frustrating to not get any updates, and to not have/know what it takes to mod the AI to our liking :expressionless:

If you think about it, half the pandemic we haven’t had an update for this game :skull_and_crossbones:


I think they don’t want us modding it period. It is a royal pain to fix the files if the game is the microsoft store version due to the folder it puts it in. The devs don’t ever show up over here either. Maybe once they get 3 lined out we can get their attention.

This scenario is completely beatable even in the crazyness difficulty, maybe you are ‘‘stupid’’.
It would be a battle of attriction so if I were you, don’t use gold units against the priests Red have. One day they will resign.

You can convert yellow villager and build a base near them but a second conversion will trigger his villagers to kill your priest anyway.

I had the same issue to this particular mission!

But i’ve noticed that on original age of empires 1, the priest had 600HP (not 25HP which is available to the remastered version). This is a game changer, for the whole mission!


Seriously?!! That’s a game changer indeed!

Is it even possible to assign more health to a unit through the Scenario Editor? :confused:

Well, actually it’s been said by many that the hardest difficulty isn’t exactly the hardest one, when compared to the others. Either the AI or difficulty settings are not working as they should, since easiest difficulty isn’t even easy in Holy Man, nor it is in Crossing the Alps.


I was able to complete this on standard difficulty eventually. The trick was to save as often as possible, and to convert EVERY SINGLE ONE of the yellow villagers. I also delayed building a town center or destroying the yellow one till a bit later and this seemed to delay the red attacks (maybe). Later on, make sure you wall off the river crossing and slaughter anyone who tries to cross with towers. Strip all the resources on your side of the river (there’s a gold mine near the crossing, for example…mine it). Harass them with arrow ships from the river to disrupt the farms. Once the enemy starts running out of wood for chariots (you will see axemen appearing), build a base on the southern part of their bank and crush them. Once you’ve taken out the priests and with chariots and the temple, the rest is straightforward.


I literally just beat it. It took me 4 hours 30 minutes in 5 seconds. Best thing I find to do is Use the trees to maneuver around the enemies while you convert them And use your Units to block other units from walking to the priest. Once you get enough go straight to bottom gold and the stone next to the yellow team. I had to ditch all of my units except the priest and 1 villager while i got overran. The absolute best place to hold up is straight up to the right corner around the water. There is only one way in that water area and I block half of it off with houses And have my priest sitting on the bank so I can convert anyone who gets near. Just sit up there and build like crazy and use you’re navy. I made 6 fishing boats to get my food While the rest just cut wood. Also if you put units in the pathway next to your house’s no one can get through not even your own units. Save your gold for the Siege catapults to knock down reds guard towers. Block the bottom river walk through with stonewalls. Use a Carrier boat to get your units to the other side. I also blocked off the top half of red’s side with stonewalls so I could get my priest in there and convert without getting shot by the towers.

I only made one priest and kept both of them alive through the whole game.