Amateur Tournament this weekend - Calling Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Players!

I’m looking for more people to join the Low Elo Legends Tournament top and bottom brackets.

Bottom bracket corresponds with Bronze up to roughly Gold III / Platinum I.

Top bracket is Diamond-ish and caps out at roughly Diamond III / Conqueror I.

In recent weeks we have continued to have pretty good numbers for the middle bracket, but top and bottom could use a boost.

The more people who sign up in the top and bottom range, the more competitive we can make those brackets and everyone has a better experience.

SO GET IN HERE SILVER, GOLD, AND DIAMOND RANKED FOLKS! Of course Bronze and Platinum participants are welcome. We’ve rarely seen Bronze players join, while the event is really popular with that Platinum to low Diamond range.

Games start Saturday May 13th - UTC: 17:00 | CEST: 19:00 | EDT: 13:00 - Event check-in open 1 hour before.

Sign up here: Rising Empires ... | Details

3+ Brackets seeded based on ranked elo

  • Bottom Bracket - Ranked Elo <1100
  • Mid-bracket - Ranked Elo 1050 - 1350
  • Top-bracket - Ranked Elo 1250 - 1475

Hop into the Discord for more info: Rising Empires AOE4

Prizes include a small payout for 1st and 2nd place finishers in each bracket. All players who complete the 4-match swiss phase are also added to a raffle to win coaching with a high level conqueror player!


I’ll cheer up
I’ll cheer up

Quick little BUMP - we’ve got another event again this weekend: Rising Empire W... | Details

Sliding on in here to bump this again. We’re at it basically every weekend so get on in here folks.

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Hopefully it’s okay to bump this again. Pretty excited for the new patch dropping and we have the new maps in the map pool this week.

tried reading up, but didn’t find it.
Mind telling me about the time?

I.E. what dates are the matches, and how much time should one schedual given dates.

I’m interested in participating, but I’m a busy man and kinda need to schedual inn events if I’m gonna be able to participate in any of em.

Example: 3 times a week, every monday, thursday and saturday. approx 3 hours session a day.

Hey - we run weekly events. If you’re Diamond 3/Conq 1 (elo <1475) or below we run three different brackets every Saturday split out by rank.

Exact time: Saturdays - EDT: 13:00, UTC: 17:00, CEST: 19:00 - Each week is a new tournament.

Format: 4 round swiss stage - top 4 go into semi-finals.

Time Commitment: Tends to take 5-6 hours if you make it all the way to the finals.

Because every swiss round has to wait for all players in the bracket to finish before the next round starts, the event length can vary a fair bit. If one match goes over an hour it drags the whole thing out. We’ve been working on some solution for this to try to encourage or enforce shorter rounds.

You can join 1 round late into the event (but you pretty much have to go 3-0 to make semi-finals if you do).

We’re still at it just about every week. Looking for more players for tomorrow’s Low Elo Legends and The Warchief Club tournaments. More info over here:

Sign Up: Rising Empire W... | Details

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Another little BUMP

New week, new tournament. Rising Empires ... | Details

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Hey folks - bumping again this week. We REALLY need more sign ups this week. Event is tomorrow at 13:00 EDT, 17:00 GMT, 10:00 PDT.

Sign up here: Rising Empires ... | Details

This is a free event and we have different brackets for players of all levels! We just need you to have at least a handful of games played in (ideally ranked) 1v1 to know where to place you.

Cash prizes and a raffle for coaching with a high level player for all LEL participants!

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Special bump! We have decided to swap bottom bracket to blind pick to be more newbie friendly. If you skipped LEL before because you only play 1 civ you now have a chance to make it to the finals!

Sign up for this week’s tournament here: Rising Empires ... | Details

Morning folks - in here again to bump this week. We’re a little light on sign ups for this week’s Low Elo Legends and we need more players from Bronze to Diamond to sign up! At time of writing it’s 3-4 hours until the event starts.

This is the second last Rising Empires Weeklies of the year so get in here!

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Hey there official forum denizens.

Back again to promote the Rising Empires tournaments. We’re on this weekend for both Low Elo Legends (amateur focused tournament with skill based brackets) and The Warchief Club (high level play open to everyone).

We’re still running LEL every week just about, while TWC has moved to a more or less monthly cadence.

We’re a little low on sign ups so would love to see more people get in here!


How do we enter this?

Nevermind figured it out. Wish I could play but I am busy at the start. How often do you do these?

Hey sorry just saw this. LEL is weekly. TWC is roughly monthly. Also since it is a Swiss bracket you can join one round late.