Amateur Tournament this weekend - Calling Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Players!

I’m looking for more people to join the Low Elo Legends Tournament top and bottom brackets.

Bottom bracket corresponds with Bronze up to roughly Gold III / Platinum I.

Top bracket is Diamond-ish and caps out at roughly Diamond III / Conqueror I.

In recent weeks we have continued to have pretty good numbers for the middle bracket, but top and bottom could use a boost.

The more people who sign up in the top and bottom range, the more competitive we can make those brackets and everyone has a better experience.

SO GET IN HERE SILVER, GOLD, AND DIAMOND RANKED FOLKS! Of course Bronze and Platinum participants are welcome. We’ve rarely seen Bronze players join, while the event is really popular with that Platinum to low Diamond range.

Games start Saturday May 13th - UTC: 17:00 | CEST: 19:00 | EDT: 13:00 - Event check-in open 1 hour before.

Sign up here: Rising Empires ... | Details

3+ Brackets seeded based on ranked elo

  • Bottom Bracket - Ranked Elo <1100
  • Mid-bracket - Ranked Elo 1050 - 1350
  • Top-bracket - Ranked Elo 1250 - 1475

Hop into the Discord for more info: Rising Empires AOE4

Prizes include a small payout for 1st and 2nd place finishers in each bracket. All players who complete the 4-match swiss phase are also added to a raffle to win coaching with a high level conqueror player!


I’ll cheer up
I’ll cheer up

Quick little BUMP - we’ve got another event again this weekend: Rising Empire W... | Details

Sliding on in here to bump this again. We’re at it basically every weekend so get on in here folks.

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