AMD Radeon 6700XT stutters and lags

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AOE 2: DE. Steam version. Windows 10 OS

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

The game was giving me blackouts several months ago and to fix that issue I had to put it in “windowed” mode in the graphics settings, but that didn’t stop the issue which was that it lags and stutters excessively during gameplay. This is a known issue with the 6600 but apparently also with the 6700. Incredibly frustrating to play with lag because it makes unit management impossible.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open the game
  2. Queue up a game
  3. Experience game-breaking lag

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What does this part even mean?

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I shouldn’t have to do this. Everyone knows what lag looks like

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You can check the tipps here. Maybe it helps you. But I daut it.

So ladies and gentlemen - first I wanna thank GregRising alot for the help and effort he put in. We gathered some informations.

And it would be nice if someone of you guys could reproduce our stepps and test it - so we can see if the problems lies there.

You need to download DE Replay Manager - GitHub - gregstein/DE-Replays-Manager: Manage Age of Empires 2 Definitive Replays

Our target is to conform the two patches. The one without lagg and that one patch were the stutter begin.
At my system is was that the patch of 21 October 2020 runs smoothly. After that with the patch of 17 November 2020 the stutters start to appear

To make the Replay Manager run correct and able to downgrade - you need to install that here too

The Replay Managers has a downgrade function with were you able with your login data to downgrade AoE 2 DE. Ofc after that you can patch back with the steam function.

I always double check ingame - I tested if the benchmark is stuttering and if the game itself laggs. I tried with 4on4 Deathmatch mode (so its faster/more commands etc) with AI on very hard. So the AI is putting alot of effort into the game.
Ofc you can also test online but I wanted not to disturbe any more people - because I already did and dont want to destroy any more gaming expierence just because I have to test things.

So if you have some problems feel free to contact. I have already collected some expierence now. Would cool if one or two could reproduce my steps and confirm if our suspects will beconfirmed.


Hey - do you still have laggs.

Yesterday evening - patch with FPS limiter got released. I played a game 4on4 DM with bots - had no lag (after I put FPS to unlimited). Was so exited - screamed for joy - unbelievable - today - the hard truth hit my again. I tried online - stutters returned. Tested it offline again - stutters laggs after sometime. Will test some more but only half-assed - mentaly I already gave up.

no lag here, the patch was great so far except few minor fixes needed.