AMD Radeon R5 M435 (Dell 3000 series core i7)

Can anyone list all the rts games that run smoothly on AMD Radeon R5 M435 video card (Dell 3000 series core i7)??? I knew as well but there could be more that I may not know.

There is a website that tells you which games you can play → Can You RUN It | Can I Run It | Can My PC Run It

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Yes I know and often use that one and usually use this site to inspect games one per time but not for the list, as the potential games list the site sent to run on requested graphics card are mostly not reliable information, because most games in the list don’t fit the min/max requirements as claimed by the list. Then there is no categorization in the site where you can you request sepecific type of list of the games. So I leave this issue to the AoE fans on this off topic forum so that they may share on this question, if they like to.