AMD stuttering fixed in october 21 patch

so it sounds like it isn’t really “sleep” per se but rather than frequency adjustment on AMD’s card/firmware doesn’t seem to kick in quick enough, or rather than frequency stays low if there isn’t enough load hence the suttering?

doesnt AMD come with some sort of profile to always run card at a certain frequency? even old nvidia cards from like 10+ years ago have nvidia inspector and you can change profile to always run at certain level, and choose to enter certain performance level (no downclocking, or at least to a levle of your choice)

Yeah you can set a profile for aoe2 and clock it to whatever frequency you want, but the problem is the architecture itself, it was built to be efficient so even with custom profiles the GPU clock goes as low as 30 mhz when the load is minimal and you can feel those lows even if they last like one second.

My advice is to try the methods i listed before as they are easier to reproduce and more effective.

As for AMD this is a common issue for rx 5000 and 6000, rx 7000 is different as they decoupled the shaders clock and the gpu clock, while in the previous generations they are clocked at the same speed.

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it is mind boggling how poorly optimized this spaghetti bowl of a game is

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thats pretty bad. I can understand the efficient part but most GPU and CPU have ability to disable performance level. like c-state on intel’s CPU, or performance state with nvidia GPU.

if this is really the case for AMD’s GPU then perhaps just create a shortcut to load the aoe2 steam game + launch an 8k local movie or something lmao.

actually no, if what @SouBotsito observed is correct then this is more on AMD’s hardware. clearly the firmware/vbios is incapable of detecting low usage thus throttling itself thats no fault of program

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