America Deck

What should I be running on my America deck and aiming for what strategy?

It depends what you want to do but typically in age 1 you want french immigrants and possibly the dutch immigrants. Age 2 a couple of unit shipments, 700 wood and 700 gold, hamiltonian economics and the capitol wagon. Age 3 the gatling gun card, military upgrades, unit shipments and a fort. Age 4 heavy cannons, coffee mill guns if you go heavy into gatlings etc.

French immigrants is a nice first card. Alternatively if you want to go for a market or a tp start capitalism can work as well. If you want to play in age 2 long rifles is good for improving your skirm option. For age 2 play I also like the Seminole archers to contribute to your skirm mass. If you are doing a fast fortress I would not include those two cards and include 8 state militia as the only unit shipment.

Springfield armory is a nice card as it is a pseudo eco shipment as it gives you the advanced arsenal techs for free.

The capitol wagon is good to send after you’ve sent 700g to age so you can get the statehood tech for a quicker age up time.

Pulaski’s Legion (uhlans) make for a very nice age 3 cav switch especially if you train some hussars with it.

There are a few dragoon shipments that are decent. Personally I like the Apache Scouts since you can send them twice but if you want to train standard dragoons Armand’s legion is an option.

Russian-American company is nice since the blockhouses provide 200w worth of housing space while helping you get map control and having a decent eco boost.

Kovats’ legion is a very powerful age 4 cav option.

Apart from that include the relevant age 3 unit shipments and upgrade cards for the unit comp you like going (United states army, continental rangers, buffalo soldiers)

This is a decent strat if you like playing with skirm goon (I don’t 100% like this guys decks. I don’t think age 4 artillery upgrades are good in 1v1 and it is probably good to have at least 1 unit shipment in age 2) USA carabine semi FF - ESOCommunity

If you prefer to go musk + artillery New Hampshire can be a good age up option. 2 napoleon guns are better than 2 gatling guns so you could send 3 gatlings → 2 napoleon guns while training regulars.

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