Amphibian units don't have line formation

Land and air units have line formation, it’s the default formation for all of them, naval units don’t have. Amphibian units also don’t have and currently I feel their amphibian nature a huge disadvantage on land maps. Devs in 2015 modified the pathfinding mechanics of naval units (land pathfindig was probably a better option) to create pathfinding mechanincs for amphibian units. The results: after release in 2016 they were unable go through farms, roads and they still can’t go through already destroyed buildings in 2023. And they also don’t have line formation:

I created a scenario where Azure Dragon and War Salamander have land movementtype instead of amphibian:

Line formation for these units would help a lot and maybe they should completely follow land units, when they are selected in a army instead of try to go somewhere alone.