Amphibious units

A very old topic in RTS games, how to deal with water. Problem is, if you don’t keep up, you can very fast loose access to water. All that enemy needs is just build water units earlier than you and simply patrol your coastline.

Other RTS like Supreme Commander and C&C Red Alert 3 tried to solve it with Air and Naval units, but yeah even sci-fi/ phantasy didnt really get there the right grip

So what can AoE4 do at best? Elephants can swim, but clearly not with so much combat armour and it would be a units not for all factions. People can swim, but clearly not heavy knights and samurai. Even there swimming people clearly are not the right choice to capture a ship during daytime. Prepare some boats/canoes and pull them to water? Maybe?

A difficult question indeed.

Nah. Too many things I don’t like about aoe’s naval battles like Can’t transport units in warships is way too unrealistic. First they need to change it. Then we should talk about swimming militia. But No one will be exited about it.


You cant transport units in warships on AoE2 but you can do that on AoE3

Well you just need to have some coastal batteries to defend your growing baby fleet.

it would be a very nice treat fr a future DLC civ with less heavy armour :wink:

I think the solution is going to be cannons.

I assume the Bombard cannon will outrange any ship and can give good coastal defence.
Other cannons like the Organ Gun might be useful too.
It seems like there is no long range Cannon Galleon or Monitor like ship. Not sure if any ship can even outrange a Tower or Keep.

Using Elephants might not be that stupid. Tower Elephants have ranged attack and seem to have more HP than any ship.

Well light units can swim MBY :smiley:

I really liked ships in Aoe3.

They were essentially production buildings and defensive buildings and siege and transports all in one.

They cost a ton, but felt powerful.

Even the cheaper ships could be used to fish.

Water feels one dimensional in Aoe4, because it is one dimensional.