An 'Age Of' Discussion: Trade mechanics

Hi all,

As we all know, trade mechanics has changed from Age game to age game;
Age1 - Trade a resource for gold, or vice versa with a physical drop off and movement of trade boats only.
Age2 - Free gold with physical drop off between markets and docks, land and boats
Age3 - Hard coded trade routes with limited posts.
Age Myth - internal trade for free gold between any Towncentre.

Regarding the new AoeDE, what trade option should we see? Trade is introduced in every Aoe game to help answer the question of the static resources available on each map - only so much wood/food/gold/stone. When this runs out, games can drag, or reach stalemates, which is generally considered not conducive for good gameplay.

We know that Devs are likely looking for gameplay enhancements that they wish to incorperate into AoeDE. Trade I feel is such a region where improvements should be considered.

**I would propose firstly a land trade unit. Not every map has water, and trade should be an important part of every game.

I also opt for keeping the original trade mechanism for trading one resource into another one - rather than free gold mechanics of age 2 and myth. (I would point out that if the farms went with an infinite food mechanic rather than rellying on wood, this could mean theorhetical infinite resources of each type through food for gold, + gold for resource trade routes between players.)**

The question of how to keep the game filled with resources, while maintaining their acquisition balanced and in-keeping with the main age 1 game is rip for discussion

Let us know below,
What should Trade look like in AoeDE?
Should it be limited to Water?
Should there be a land equivalent trade cog.
What age should trade me introduced in? (bronze age?)

Trade will be like in AoE1, exchanging other resources for gold.

It will be limited to water. Land trade options could also be nice, but the developers want to keep the gameplay as close to original as possible.

Trade is available all the way from the Stone Age.

@qweytr24 said:

It will be limited to water. Land trade options could also be nice, but the developers want to keep the gameplay as close to original as possible.

They do advertise enhanced gameplay - Its important to discuss whether land trade analogue would actually detract from that original age 1 feel, or simply add to the game. I have a feeling with the case of land trade it would be the latter.

I understand sea trade is available very early in the game, perhaps land trade should be introduced in tool or bronze age to create variance in how powerful the trade mechanic is across water vs land maps?

I would suggest to have trade unit. I propose the following system -
A menu where you send a request a trade deal with a player for example -
100 gold for - 500 food.
When the request is sent a notification is sent to the other player that can either accept ot propose a different values/rates for the exchange. If an agreement is reached the requestor should sent a horse mounted cart bringing the gold to the other party and then bringing the exchanged goods back.
If an enemy player or aggressive NPC encounters the shipment he can choose to pillage it.

There should be an option for betrayal as well.