An AoM Definitive Edition cant be done in the actual engine

its not hard to understand:

Bang Engine | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

What do you mean with not hard to understand?

This is an inhouse engine. So only people that worked at Ensemble Studios knew how it worked.
Also the engine was only used for 3 games.
We can assume that they modified the engine a lot for AoE3 compared to AoM.

It’s not like getting the fully finished Unity engine and then just building your game on top.
They likely did a lot of changes to the source code of the engine and very likely removed a lot of old AoM parts.
If you have an error in a function you only needed for AoM but won’t need for AoE3, what do you do? Probably just remove it because that is less work.

Just because it’s the same engine by name doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of differences between the engines.

Games using the engine

i dont see why they should’t or can’t use it for the new aom.
at the end aom r will be based on the bang engine.

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I already said the reasons.
It is officially the “same” engine but do you know how many things they have changes between AoM and AoE3?
How much code was removed or completely reworked?

You can’t just take the AoE3DE engine and let it load AoM files.

This engine was only used for 3 games. It will have a lot of very specific things build in because there was never a need for a generalised engine because no one else used it.

Just because a Wiki lists them as using “the same engine” doesn’t mean it is the same. There might be massive differences between the version AoM and the one AoE3 used.

But I can’t tell you how different they are because I don’t know the source code.

AoMR has a similar dilemma as AoE1DE has. AoE1DE uses an older version of the engine AoE2DE uses. You can’t just let AoE1DE use the AoE2DE engine and solve all the issues AoE1DE has.
But luckily they decided to turn AoE1 into an AoE2DE DLC now, apparently.

AoMR is in a different situation though because AoE3DE was already released. So they can’t get away with basing the game on the old AoM version of the engine.


Well, its true, I hope the same, but what if the same people who made that masterpiece (aoe 3 de) make aom retold in aoe 4 engine, it could be good if you think about it

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The environment is good, the terrain too. Not everything in aoe 4 is bad, just 95% lol but I like the environment, the 3D feeling is good, of course it has a lack of details, and thats where forgotten empires could shine

many people on this forum might have not played aoe4 because of how bad it was lol but glad you have that same feeling too, there are many aom features if you think about it.

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I hope that AoM gets ported to AoE III to avoid what happened to I in relation to II DE.

Sure, the engine of AoE III should be worked to allow both AoE III and AoM, but in the end a lot of improvements between could be shared, specially MP, stability, etc.

One improvement could benefit the other, and the chances of getting abandoned are lower.

Sure,of course…that will be the idea no?..

That’s true…the AoE 3 Engine version uses Havok physics for example…

Sure,for example,i like the news African maps in AoE 4…it feels more beautiful and live,not how the early and bland maps of the base game…

Na, I think that unlike AoE 1 DE AoM RT it can survive as a game apart from AoE 3 DE… AoM doesn’t feel like such an old game… In addition to AoM has resource deposits and AoE 3 does not and vice versa, AoE 3 has the homecities that do not exist in AoM …

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Not how game engines work.


Yeah i know it…i only says one example…

I would be happy if they used the AOEIII DE Engine for it, I just hope they either keep the same music or hire an orchestra like ES did for AOM. The music from AOM is the best in the series in my opinion.

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The Problem here is that Sega Engine is inhouse and for MS to use it, is another licensing cost outside of the AOE IV one. Doubtful MS will spend more money to release AOM on the off chance its a hit, they cut production budget to market AOE IV and released an incomplete game. Just doesn’t seem a smart choice, they either overhaul AOM engine or start off on AOE III DE which FE already has ample of experience developing in.

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The first time I heard about Aom was in 2020, where Adam Isgreen confirmed, that they are working on another Age of Mythology game.

On the question, what it looks like he said they want to make sth. different than the other 3 remasters. So it is very likely no normal Definitive Edition. As far as I know he said, that “Forgotten Empires” is working on this project, so I think it will be no Aoe4 engine.

That means either Aoe3 engine or really sth. completely new.

I also hope they won’t include sth. woke. Very likely they make promotion for this pride stuff through their social medias (like they did with the other games), but at least I hope they won’t change the way how the game is made.


It would be a remaster similary to 3 DE…with a remastered graphics but maybe with a more political correctness…

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Yes, in theory yes…

AOE Online is missing but yes…

Yes, it did not have the graphics of AoE 3 DE, but we can expect something similar (graphics and cinematics in 4K for example)…

Adam Igreen talking a bit about AoE on consoles (also footage shown for a glance of the new controls/UI required and some talk about the automated mechanics which will take over - I personally cant decide if it’s a scary thing or good thing), AoE Mobile and also AGE OF MYTHOLOGY RETOLD.

The part about Retold starts around minute 40.
I think he is suggesting it might use the AoE3 engine since AoM is a more outdated version of Bang engine (I might interpret what he says wrong though) and also that they are gonna modify it at a gameplay level as well giving a quick example of God powers which should be extended (he adds that people will be allowed to play “the old way” too if they want). These and others on top of expected QoL improvements. Might wanna check the entire section of the video that is about AoE.
Oh and he clearly says Chinese civilisation and DLC is gonna be included.

Not going to happen, AoMR is a definitive edition not a port or remake.

Anyhow AoMEX completely redid the rendering system of AoMCD replacing it with a modern one, and whilst some of the implementation has more to be desired, it can still be fixed up a lot for AoMR (since the DEs are normally based around existing remasters) for smoother gameplay, stability, compatibility and more efficient resource usage.

They will probably use some bits and bobs of AoE3DE engine code, but they aren’t going to base off of it wholesale since the AoE3 engine lacks a lot of important features AoM depends on.


Maybe it’s good to automate some things, more if it’s a game with as much macro and micro as aoe 2…aoe 2 came out on ps2 and was super rough and very slow…With aoe 3 and 4 does not require so much macro, so it is easier to implement on consoles…

Of course, as is…it will be a definitive version of AoM…Nothing more than that and they will not get out of it…4K graphics and textures, remastered music, remade Chinese campaign, some new mythology like the Aztec and ready…

Almost January and ZERO information on this or the Rome dlc.

What. A. Drag.