An idea about new factions

If we can make a mod,add more revolution factions(such as add Irish to British revolution or Belgian to Dutch revolution),the revolution factions don’t need to change the cards,just need to change the flag and faction name.Then we will have many new factions.
British:add Irish
French:add Morocco
Dutch:add Belgian
German:add Austrian and Prussian
Russian:add Polish and Ukrainian
Turks:add Greek
Swedish:add Danes,Tatars and Chechen
Italian:add Bosnian
Colombian:add Venezuelan,Ecuadorian and Bolivian
Brazilian:add Uruguayan
Argentine:add Paraguayan


No need to make another thread for this…

I like your Idea But Colombia cant revo Bolivian has to be Panama as the real history. :smiley:

Last thread is fot Mircosoft,this is for us.

Because Bolivia is name by Bolivar and Bolivia is liberated by General Sucre.

If we can make a mod just make the full civ man, there’s no reason to go the lazy way out.

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